School Uniforms

By: Ivy Loe

No Ahh! Uniforms just running in them is just rough! Help me please! would have to wear school uniforms.That is what you would hear if your child or anyone.

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School, uniforms are uncooperative because there is no space! If you try to run in them they rip. They also ich so evilly! What if you had to go to the restroom? You're also in Pr-K well school uniforms have a belt. Pr-K don’t know how to work a belt. Why would you even force this on your child? Who does that?

If school uniforms,weren't so much money than I would buy them. The cost of school uniforms are to much. What if lost your school uniform? You would have to BUY an new one! BOOM!! There went the dryer because of the uniform. Mankind (people) would not let you use theirs. If you buy more than one there goes your money that you worked hard on.School uniforms to much money!

To further support my idea, from uncooperative,to money, now style. Style is very important to boys and girls because you get to put your own touches on your regular outfits, but if you wear school uniforms you can’t. What if you had twins in the same class,and they also have to wear the same outfit because they have school uniforms but if we didn’t wear school uniforms they would wear different outfits to school.

While uniforms are being put on girls and boys are crying. All uniforms have problems like mine, uncooperative,money,and the style. We should all go against school Dr.Thurman!

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