Trinity Connect

Issue 16, 15 November 2019

Principal's News

Schools are a lot like large families, actually, very large families! We are a group of people, a community who come together to learn and to grow, we share common experiences and a core set of values. Now I love my family, don't get me wrong, but there are days when we don't always see eye to eye. There are days when someone is tired or feeling out of sorts and may not be as kind as usual. There are days when one of us may need reminding of the way 'our family' does things. Then of course there is those times when the full extended family comes together?!?!?!

Schools are just like a family! This week we came together as a 'Trinity Family' and spoke about our core values, our expectations and how we do things the 'Trinity Way'. We talked about the end of the year nearing and the tiredness some are feeling, we talked about the way we can become complacent and lose sight of our general conduct. We spoke about how together, as a school community we can come together and support one another, care for one another and most importantly respect one another. We have been very clear about the expectations of our students as members of our community and how everyone can work together over these next few weeks to make them as positive as possible for everyone!

Eloise Beveridge

Animals on Campus - Request

We have an increasing number of animals being bought onto school grounds. Whilst we encourage the occasional visit of a child's pet to align with class programs (after consultation with class teachers) we do need to request that pets are not bought onto grounds for daily pick up and drop off times or visits. The safety of students, staff, parents and the pets is most important to us. Thank you for your understanding and support of this request.

Staffing in 2020

We continue to work on 2020 plans and are happy to announce the appointment of Ms Sophie Witworth and Ms Aleesha Davis to our primary team in the new year.

We are excited to have these ladies join our team of dedicated and amazing teachers at Trinity, welcome Sophie and Aleesha!

2020 Student Leadership

Student Leadership is very important to the culture of our College. Our current Year 5 and 9 students have this week been taken through the process of leadership nomination for the 2020 student leadership roles of College Captains (Year 10) and Primary Captains (Year 6). The process for student leadership positions has been aligned across both primary and secondary to ensure one consistent approach and has been published in a guide for students. Those students who are interested in nominating for the position of College Captain or Primary Captain will have a Student Guide to Leadership Booklet that clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each as well as the process for and timeline of application. Additional copies of the booklet are available to collect from College Reception.

Key dates in the process for College Captain and Primary Captain selection:

  • Monday 25 November - Nominations close
  • Tuesday 26 - Friday 29 November - Interviews scheduled
  • Monday 2 December - College Captain Interviews
  • Wednesday 4 December - Primary Captain Interviews
  • Monday 9 December - Announcement of College and Primary Captains at the Annual College Presentation and Awards Evening

2020 House Leaders and Student Council Representatives will be selected early next year.

Presentation Evening 2019

Our annual Presentation and Awards Evening is being held on Monday, 9 December from 7pm at the MAC. The evening will include:

  • Year 10 Graduation (all Year 10 students)
  • Valedictory Speech
  • Year 6 Presentation of Primary Certificates (all Year 6 students)
  • Major Student Awards (Secondary and Primary)
  • Academic Awards (Secondary)
  • Announcement of 2020 College and Primary Captains

The parents of individual award winners will be notified before the event to ensure tickets can be booked however all students and families of the College are invited to join us for this celebration of 2019.

All students are required to wear college uniform. Booking information will be emailed to families.