Amanda Moore Elementary

January 2019 Chalkboard News

KROGER Community Rewards Program

Do you shop at Kroger (doesn't everyone locally?) Now Amanda Moore Elementary can earn FREE money every time you shop, it's easy! All you have to do is enroll your Kroger Plus Card, see steps below. Help spread the word, anyone can enroll!

Steps to enroll:

1. Visit

Log in with your Kroger Plus info or create an account

2. Click on View Details button, "I'm a Customer"

3. Choose organization, search by name "Amanda Moore" or use our unique code: BY179

4. Shop as usual, be sure to scan your Kroger Plus Card at checkout or enter your phone number on the keypad

Questions? Contact us and we can help.

Thank you in advance for helping our school earn money!

Paper Retriever Program

In keeping with our Green School designation, Amanda Moore Elementary is continuing to offer a paper recycling dumpster, which is located near the basketball court. It is a FREE community paper recycling program that pays our school for hosting a paper recycling bin, benefiting the environment for all. All proceeds from the collection of paper will benefit Amanda Moore directly. We strongly encourage local residents to assist us in the collection of recyclable paper. We accept newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, office paper, school paper, and mail. Shredded paper must be bagged. NO cardboard or paperboard please!

Paper Retriever Video

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We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped to make this holiday season brighter for so many of our Amanda Moore families. Our Sharing Tree was once again a huge success! Many thanks to Mrs. Kraemer and Mrs. Garland, Romeo Ford Engine Plant, Romeo Masons, Romeo Goodfellows, Bruce Township, Bruce Twp Fire and EMS, RCS Foundation for Educational Excellence, RHS Link Crew, the Amanda Moore staff, parents, and community members. All of this would not be possible without your kindness and generosity. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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As the seasons change and your family migrates indoors for the winter, a lot of energy can be wasted to keep your home comfortable. Between 40 and 70% of all home energy is wasted, but we could save about half of that by buying efficient appliances and taking energy-saving measures.

The 10 Biggest Energy Users

· Water heaters

· Refrigerators

· Freezers

· Air conditioners

· Ranges

· Clothes washers

· Clothes dryers

· Dishwashers

· Portable heaters

· Lights

And here are some inexpensive solutions to consider:

· Cover your air conditioner: If you can’t remove your window unit, consider covering it both inside and out. Besides protecting your air-conditioning unit, these covers also help keep cold air from entering your home through the space around the air-conditioner and can be a great way to lower utility bills.

· Caulk it: Small spaces and gaps around windows and pipes and wires entering the home create create energy wasting drafts that can cut the efficiency of your heating system. Most caulking products cost under $10; rope caulk, one of the easiest types to apply, sells for about $4 for 40 or 50 feet.

· Block drafts: Draft blockers are foam plates that fit behind light switches and electrical outlets to reduce drafts that enter through those spaces. You can get a packet of 10 for about $3 and they're easy to install with just a screwdriver.

· Install heat reflectors: These are thin sheets that fit behind radiators, to reflect heat away from the wall and into the room, thereby maximizing each radiator’s energy efficiency.

· Perform regular maintenance: If you have a forced air furnace, make sure to clean or change the furnace filter about once a month. Most furnaces will need to be professionally cleaned and tuned once a year.

· Upgrade your thermostat: Changing your thermostat to a programmable one allows you to control the temperature in your home at different times of the day without you being home. Keep the heat off when you're out of the house and set it to turn back up before you get home. Some also have a second set of settings for weekends, when people usually spend more time at home. The thermostats range from $90 to $175, but can save 12% or more on your energy bill and pay for itself within three years.

· Weatherstripping: Create a tight seal around all your windows to reduce heated and cooled air from escaping outside. Weatherstrips are plastic, foam, felt or rubber strips that fit around window and door frames with a self-adhesive backing. Prices vary, but average about $5 per window or door.

· Need More Help? The Energy Department's Home Energy Saver allows you to enter information about your home and compute what specific changes would result in energy and environmental savings.

Amanda Moore Elementary School

Romeo Community Schools:

Board of Education:

Dr. Gus Demas, President

Mr. Chris Young, Vice President

  • Mrs. Jill Rilley, Secretary
  • Mrs. Kim Barrows, Treasurer
  • Mr. Mike Antoine, Trustee
  • Mr. Wayne Conner, II, Trustee
  • Mrs. Anita Banach, Trustee

  • Central Office:
  • Mr. Todd Robinson, Superintendent
  • Ms. Jennifer McFarlane, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services
  • Mr. Don Gratton, Executive Director of Facilities & Quality Control
  • Ms. Vicki Laseke, Executive Director of Business and Finance
  • Mr. Mark Nelson, Executive Director of Technology

  • Interpretación en español disponible poniéndose en contacto con Celia Ciecko 586-281-1419.

  • Amanda Moore Elementary School:

  • Mr. Roger Bennett, Principal
  • Ms. Dee LoGrasso, Secretary
  • Mrs. Tammy Hagood, Office Aide