Teen Obesity

How can you prevent it? By: Stan Wrobel

Teen obesity

Teen obesity is a growing epidemic that affects 18% of kids in the United States alone. Teen obesity can cause major problems for your health as well as your appearance. Being obese can make you have heart attacks, sleep apnea, asthma, and diabetes. Your appearance can really change and people might not consider you as "pretty". Teen obesity can separate you from the crowd and you cannot do as much as you could normally do, which is eliminating some of your favorite sports and games. So you do not want to be obese.

How to Prevent Obesity

Ways to prevent obesity

Preventing obesity can do major wonders for your life because you would be healthy and live a happy life. Ways you can prevent obesity are,
  • Playing sports
  • Exercising
  • Running, jogging
  • Having a healthy diet
  • Not playing video games or watching T.V
And these are just some of the ways to prevent obesity. So do yourself a favor and go outside and play so you ca be as far away from obesity and closer to a healthier life.