Xavier (Darren Peabody)


This is Belguim.The country that is famous for waffles and (dispite their name) french fries

The Battle of Waterloo

This is the site of The Battle of Waterloo.This is where 48,000 men died.

The Royal Forest

The forests of Rambouillet, Orleans and Fontainebleau, are at their most beautiful during the falling season, when the leaves of the oaks leaves start changing color.Rambouillet, with its wildlife park, has more than a total of 1,300 stunning species of flora. Orleans in 85,743 acres

Laws In Belguim

1) It is legal to throw brussle sprounts at tourests

2) Sweepstakes are illigal in Belguim

3) A girl must have written permission from her father before shecan wear a mini skirt that is more than 4 inches abover haer knees