Call Of Duty

Treyarch VS Infinty Ward


Origins Zombie DLC

"Origins Zombies" Intro Cinematic Cutscene! (Black Ops 2 Zombies Apocalypse DLC)

Mob Of The Dead DLC

New Mob Of The Dead Gameplay Cinematic Intro! (Black Ops 2 Zombies)

Next up is Buried DLC

Black Ops 2 "BURIED" Zombies - Story line Cut-Scene Intro! - (Call of Duty: BO2 Zombies)

These are the three best in my opinion origins, then Mob of the dead and last but not least Buried

Now on to Infinty Ward

Extinction Episode 1 Nightfall

Official Call of Duty®: Ghosts Extinction: Episode 1 Nightfall Trailer

Extinction Episode 2 Mayday

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction - Episode 2 Mayday Trailer

In my opinion Treyarch is the best becasue the zombies are much easier and the aleins are harder so Treyarch wins but also and the DLCs are better for Treyarchs games such as origins and mob of the dead

Now What other people think

Treyarch vs Infinity Ward | Which Call of Duty Do You Prefer?

That one was by lostinplace

Zombies VS. Extinction Aliens "Call of Duty" Infinity Ward Vs. Treyarch

That one was by laggin24x

My Best Friends Reveiw

He says "zombies is better than extinction most of the time but extinction could get better"

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