Hoaxes and Pranks

CIS-Brennon Saunders-10/30/13

Hoaxes and Pranks:

To hoax somebody on the internet means to decieve or trick them. To prank someone on the internet is mainly a practical joke or mischievous act meant to embarrass a person. Both of these can cuase a huge erruption on the internet. people with say and do anything to get what they want. Thats why while using the internet always keep your guard up, pay attention to unusual signs that might lead to someone trying to hoax or prank you, and always keep you username and passwords safe, and change them frequently.

Ways to avoid Hoaxes and pranks:

whatch out for hoaxes and pranks!

keep your guard up, frequently change passwords and usernames, and if being hoaxed or pranked, just remember, never let anyone dull your sparkle!