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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Coming Home Today:

No Take Home Information This Week!

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A Night You Do NOT Want To Miss!

Last year I saw many Warwick families attend this Young Engineers' Night at CB East. I took my own four children and they still talk about the cars we built, planes we flew, and TV commercial we shot. It was an awesome experience which I encourage you to attend.
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Cooperation In Action!

Many of our Warwick students enjoyed collecting books and making baskets to give to the Warwick teachers for their MLK Day community service project.

Special thanks to Mr. Stocklos' 1st grade Cub Scout Pack and Mrs. Bryne's Junior Troop 2004 (girls) and Daisy Troop 244 (girls). The groups contributed many books to the collection! The groups also donated books to two neighborhood preschools and another local elementary school!

As part of the project, the group did a great job discussing the many many wonderful things that they have learned from the great teachers at Warwick. They appreciate how teachers help the community each day. Thank you, boys and girls, for upholding Warwick's four themes in, and out of, school!



The PTO is excited to see so many students are anxious to participate in our Winter Workshops! We are excited to get them started!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!! It is impossible to run these Workshops without your help! We need 1 - 2 parents everyday to make sure the children get to the workshop they are registered for and dismiss them safely when the Workshop is over!

We already have enough volunteers for Monday and Thursday, but we need Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday covered or we will have no choice but to cancel the Workshops on those days.

Volunteers are asked to come to school at 3:45 PM and stay until the last child is picked up. The PTO is offering a $50 credit to any parent volunteer.

Please contact Jennifer Fean via email at TODAY to volunteer so that your child can enjoy all these great workshops!


Oops! There was a slight error made on the Friday dates.

If your child is registered in Drawing, Cartooning or Pull Back Car Frenzy, the dates of the class should be:

  • Feb. 6 thru March 20 (except 2/13).

  • Feb. 13 is an inservice day and the children do not attend school that day. Please make a note of it.

With so many children participating this year, it is taking longer to process the registrations - which is a good problem! There are some classes that are full. You will be contacted by Monday, Jan. 26 if a registration was sent in for a class that was already full.

Please be patient, we will get word to you as quickly as possible!

If you have any questions regarding the Workshops, please feel free to email Jennifer Fean!

Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation!

Yearbook Preparations Are Underway!

If you have any pictures from school events this school year, and would like to share them for this year's yearbook, please email pictures to either or, or you can submit on a flash drive, labeled yearbook and your name, that will be returned.

Special thanks to Mrs. Albor and Mrs. Schnapf for their dedication and hard work in developing this year's yearbook. It's quite an undertaking!!!

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Library News

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Hello Language Opportunity

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Reminder: Boomerang Award Nominations are due Monday, January 26th!

Upcoming Events....................

January 27

  • Early Dismissal @ 12:25, End of 2nd Marking Period

January 30

  • School-Wide Bingo, 2:15, Disco Theme
  • Switch-A-Roo Day, all grades, Staff dress like students, students dress like staff

February 2

  • Bricks for Kids, Rm. 8, The Voice, Rm, 20, Team Sports, Gym, 4:00-5:00

February 3

  • Wacky Science, Rm. 16, Yoga, Gym, 4:00-5:00

February 4

  • Me, My Selfie & I, Gym Stage, Aerospace Engineering, Rm. 18, 4:00-5:00

February 5

  • Brains, Books/Library, Cool Acting, Rm. 29, Team Sports, Gym 4:00-5:00
  • Hello Languages, Rm. 23 & 24, 4:00-4:45

February 6

  • Young Rembrandts, Rm. 12, Cartooning, Rm. 13 Car Frenzy , Gym Stage, 4:00-5:00

February 10

  • PTO Meeting in library at 7:00 PM (rescheduled from January cancellation)

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