Technology Design Cycle Report


This is a design cycle report about the unit called 'On the Right Track'. My name is Hanbeen and I am a grade 8 student at NISC.


My classmates and I are not sure about criteria and assessments for each subjects. I wrote down the way that we can get full mark and what are some criteria in each subjects. But I know only technology and science. And other subjects, I don't really know about what are criteria in each subjects and what is meaning of each criteria. Actually, we know about some of subject (for me is technology and science) but it's not clear. Also, we're not very clear about top mark about each criteria. Like what is the top mark. (For example, we are not sure about how to get top mark and how can we grade about our work.

And this are pictures about criteria and top marks that we wrote down on the table that I made. Question mark mean is i'm not sure about the criteria and top mark about each subjects.(Which mean I have no idea with those subjects.) And I showed criteria and the way that we get top marks for science and technology. But I'm not really clear about it.


Students must create a product that clearly explains assessment for each subject and a speadsheet where a student can add their grades for each assessment task that is easy to use (the user) and easy to understand (the audience).




What is spreadsheet?>>

Spread sheet is a computer application to organize the data in the table. By using a spread sheet, we can make a table and we can calculate some numbers in that table. Also, spreadsheet is the simulation of paper accounting worksheet. For example, there is there is ‘Microsoft Excel’. This program is made by Microsoft. Microsoft excel is most popular software to make a spreadsheet. We can make a graph in excel and also we can calculate some of number that we put in to a table.

How spreadsheet discovered?>>

When there is no spreadsheet, people make the table on the paper. It took too much time for them. Therefore on 1979, Dan Bricklin made a spreadsheet program called VisiCalc. It was the first spreadsheet program. In that time this program was first business tool. Also, many people really like to use this. When Dan Bricklin made this program, the apple computer sold really a lot of computer because of this spreadsheet program.

What is standalone presentation?>>

Standalone presentation is the presentation that doesn't required person. Which mean, the presentation that we don't need to explain about that presentation. So people can see some information from the presentation without someones talking. Many people usually, use standalone presentation to present something to people.And it gives only some keyword in that presentation.

Example of Standalone Presentation>>

Banner, poster, prezi, powerpoint and poster.

Steps to make standalone presentation>>

  • Idea #1: Only include the essentials
  • Idea #2: Give them a roadmap
  • Idea #3: Use title slides for each main point

  • Idea #4: Recap the key points at the end

  • Idea #5: Use large visuals with explanations

  • Idea #6: Use narration slides

  • Idea #7: Build your points

What is MYP?>>

MYP is middle year program for IB school. This program is designed for 11years old to 16 years student. Also, it helps to student to make them creative, critical and reflective thinker.

Subjects in MYP>>

In the IB MYP program, there are eight subjects that student need to learn. Which are...

  • Math
  • Science
  • Humanity
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Language A
  • Language B
  • P.E

Now I will explain assessments each subjects...


There are 6 components marked out of 6. Maximum mark in technology is 36.

A) Investigation - 6/6

B) Design - 6/6

C) Plan - 6/6

D) Create - 6/6

E) Evaluation - 6/6

F) Attitude - 6/6

I got this information from conducting an interview form our technology teacher, Mr.Luke.


There are 4 criteria in math. Full mark is maximum 30.

A) Knowledge and Understanding - 8/8

B) Investigation - 8/8

C) Communication - 6/6

D) Reflection - 6/6

I got this information from Kaust School website.