How to Fix Internet Explorer issues

Fix Internet Explorer issues

How to Fix Internet Explorer issues to make It fast, safe and stable ?

Internet working very slow ?internet speed issue ?

Diagnose and repair example Issue that make example slow, not secure, unstable or crash, caused by add-ons not working properly and inappropriate security settings concern.

How to fixes your issues :-

  • Defective Internet Explorer add-ons. Disables defective add-ons.
  • Phishing filter is turned off. Turns the phishing filter on.
  • Pop-up blocker is turned off. Turns the Pop-up blocker on to block pop-ups.
  • Security settings are not set to recommended settings. Resets security to recommended settings.
  • Internet Explore does not update cached pages or updates them inefficiently, causing launch to be slow. Resets the page sync policy to automatic.
  • Cache size is too small or too big, causing slow performance. Resets the cache size to be within 50-250 MB of the default range.
  • Concurrent server connections set too low or too high causing slow performance. Restore IE concurrent connection settings to defaults.
  • Pop-up blocker is turned off allowing pop screens. Turns the Pop Up Blocker on.
  • Select the Internet Explorer security settings to the default (recommended) levels.
  • Turn off the Phishing Filter.
  • Turn off Data Execution Prevention for Internet Explorer (Fix Internet Explorer issues)