4/5s Class News


Where did January go?

Can you believe it is February already?! It feels like we Chirstmas vacation was just over and now we only have 4 months of school left! February is going to be a fun filled month. We will have a Wild Wild West week (yes, we will have a square dance!), Pirate week -- with a treasure hunt!, Valentine's Day party, field trip to A Plus Gymnastics, talk about why February is black history month, and so much more!

Please take a moment to check out the website! We have made a few updates! (New pictures, new class photo, new fun facts about Miss Gina and Miss Amanda)

It's Party Time!

Valentine's Day Homework

We would like for everyone to make a Valentin'es Day box for our party! You can make the box anyway you would like! During our party we will have the children put any Valentine's they bring to pass out in each of the boxes. (We have 24 children in the class - if you would like a class list please let us know!)

Valentine's Day Party

Thursday, Feb. 14th 2013 at 8:15-11:30am

Carmel, IN

Carmel, IN

We are having a party! On February 14th we will celebrate Valentines Day! Our day will be packed with crafts, games, a special snack (watch for a signup sheet to be posted soon), and a photo booth! The photo booth is a "kissing booth" (Hershey kisses!) theme! We encourage those of you at Clay (and your fellow teachers) to come down to the class and "pay" for a kiss and a picture with the kiddos or alone! (yes we will have photo propts!) Kisses are "5 cents" and a photo is "$1". (play money will be provided) The class is very into to taking pictures right now so what a fun way to spend some party time! ---- For those of you not a Clay the booth will be "open" at the end of the day as well!  If your child would like to bring Valentines to share with their friends they are more than welcome to do so! We hope this day will be as fun as possible! We are very extcited for our party!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Check your calendar!

The last week of the month we will start parent/teacher conferences. We will post a signup sheet on the door the week prior to conferences starting. Conferences will start about 3:15 and run every 25 mins with the last conference starting at 4:30. All Conferences are optional but we feel they are a great time to answer any questions you may have or just touch base with how your child is doing in class.

Class Behavior Update

January has had it's ups and downs with behavior issues. For the most part the class has been amazing! We would just like to fill everyone in on a few new "things" that we are starting to see and quickly trying to stop. 1. Sticking out our tongues at friends when we are upset with them. We call this an "automatic take 5" offense. If we see your child sticking out their tongue at a friend we send them to the take 5 spot first. Once their time is up, they are asked to apologize to their friend who recieved this "yucky" disrespect. 2. The words "Shut Up" and "Stupid". Oh my. We are not sure when this started in the room but in the last week or so it has gotten really bad. This is also an "automatic take 5" offense with apology to follow. If this behavior does not quickly stop or get better the offending child(ren) will start to lose out on the next fun activity. If you are seeing this behavior at home and would like for us to follow through at school any disicpline you have given to your child at home (ie: no computer time) we would be happy to do so.On the flip side. We are trying to encourge your children to "stand up" for themselves when a friend is saying or doing hurtful things to them. They are first to talk to the friend that is doing the hurtful thing and tell them "I don't like it when ___!" or "Stop! It hurts me when you___!". After speaking up and explaining what they don't like they are to move away from that friend. If things do not get better they are to come seek help from the teachers in the room. We are also encourging respectful, kind voices and words when talking with/to a friend. We talked at length one morning about what the word RESPECT looks like and sounds like. They did a really nice job thinking of things to put on our chart! We have seen a vast improvement after just a couple days. Way to go!!Please let us know if you have any questions! We hope things keep going in this positive direction!

A Plus Gymnastics Field Trip

Wednesday, Feb. 20th 2013 at 8:15-11:45am

9625 E 150th St Suite 104

Noblesville, IN

Please do not forget to return the permission slip and waiver for this field trip by the 6th! The cost per child (adults are free) is $10. We could really use a few chaperones to help out on this trip.

Let us know if you have any questions!