The Good News

Saint John XXIII May 3, 2020

May is the Month of Mary

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Leadership Message

Physically Distanced-Close in Heart: We will celebrate those milestones together!

When we made our initial calls to each family the week following the news that classes were cancelled, we asked, "How is your family" "How can we help?" and "What are you worried/wondering about?" So many parents inquired about birthday announcements, grade four farewell, kindergarten and year-end celebrations, the Talent Show?

What does this say? It shows the power of a community celebrating our faith and milestones together. It shows how we all want to wrap around our children as they grow. It shows that each one of our kids is a unique and amazing part of our village.

I am so proud to share that while parents and students were wondering if, our SJXXII Staff (and parish priests) were instantly responding with how. How will we reach them for their birthday greetings? How will we celebrate the grade four Farewell? How can we keep the Talent show? How will we come together for Easter mass or year-end mass? Volunteer Appreciation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Kindergarten...Where there is a will, we will find a way. It may take a little more ingenuity and collaboration, but together we can!

If there is one thing we have all learned through this pandemic and the distance between home-school-parish, it has been the power of love. Even with physical distancing, our Saint John XXIII Village has stayed connected; celebrating milestones and our children and their families every day! You can't cancel love.


Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm, Principal

Mrs. Boehm's Weekly Challenge: Show your mom some LOVE

This week's challenge: Show your Mom some LOVE!

With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, take time this week to shower your Mom with some love: draw a picture, make a card, help Mom with some chores around the house, give her big HUGS...make your Mom feel special this week. (snap a picture if you can and send it in).

Help us celebrate our Saint John XXIII Moms and send in any pictures of you and your mom together.

Please send your weekly challenge picture to Mrs. Boehm We will post these on our various school sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Weekly Smore).

Last week's challenge: What can you do with sidewalk chalk? YOU were so creative!

Even our teachers and Educational Assistants got involved in the challenge!

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New Mystery Reader Clues

Our Mystery Reader Clues for next week are: (HINT...someone who works for all of Elk Island Catholic Schools)

  1. Has two grown children
  2. Work in an office in Sherwood Park but loves to visit SJXXIII
  3. Loves his job and travelling with his family

Did you guess Mrs. Boehm from last week? Mrs. Boehm shares this year's theme story, I am Love, by Susan Verde.

Mrs. Boehm Mystery Reader May 1, 2020

Annual talent show: St. John XXIII'S Got Talent

Dear Students and Parents of St. John XXIII,

WE are thrilled to announce that The Servant Leadership Squad is hosting the 5th annual school wide talent show! All students are welcome to share the gifts and talents that God has blessed them with during this show.

Due to our unusual circumstances of students learning at home, we are hosting a Virtual Talent Show Week Long Event. This year’s “St. John XXIII’s Got Talent” will take place throughout the week of June 15 - 19, 2020.

You will need to send in a video submission. It is the intention to include anyone who wants to participate, however participants MUST have a WELL - REHEARSED act in order to be considered.In order to make it to the final Talent Show, each submission will be reviewed and a GOLD STAR will be granted to all those who put forth their BEST EFFORT and that the act is school appropriate. Please send in your video by May 15, 2020.

**PLEASE NOTE: By sending in your child’s video, parents are consenting for it to be shared/streamed on our public St. JohnXXIII Youtube channel or St. John Facebook page ***

Ideas of Talents to share:

Play an instrument, short skits/plays, Poetry reading, original dance routines, Singing, Gymnastics, Sport Skills.

Other creative and appropriate presentations are welcome.

Each act will need to be limited to 2 mins or less.

Send in your Talent Show Submissions through “We Transfer” to Mrs. Doderai (steps will be sent from your child's teacher)

We look forward to celebrating all the many gifts and talents of the students in our St. John XXIII Family!

Thank you,

School Spirit Team, Mrs. Doderai, Mrs. Schaub and Mrs. Comartin

If your family is moving, please kindly let the office know as we make plans for next year

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Wednesday, May 6

As we continue to navigate remote learning and teaching, we want to maintain consistent communication and connection opportunities between our parents and staff. Our original Three-way Conferences were scheduled (prior to COVID) for March 24 and 25, 2020. With classes cancelled on March 15 by the Alberta government, we elected to make conference calls to each family the week of March 23 to touch base and see how we could best help the process to remote learning.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

We have now engaged in six weeks of remote learning and would like to give another opportunity for parents and staff to conference on Wednesday, May 6. This will be an opportunity for you to share how your child is navigating the remote learning, ask any questions, and share anything that can help us support your child’s learning and well-being.

Conference times will be booked in 15 minutes intervals. 10 minutes will be scheduled for the conference, and a 5 minute window for the technology overlap needed in the Googlemeet platform will be included. Scheduled time slots times will be: 9-11 am, 1-3 pm and 5-7 pm.

Our student support team will be available for bookings under Mrs. Boehm's name in the School Interview program. If you are looking for confidential support for your child or your family, please book a meet time.


Parents will use the School Interviews program to book and then teachers will send you an email with your scheduled time and Google meet link.

Please click here to book:

The website to book the conferences will go live on Wednesday, April 29th at 3 pm. Please note that all conferences will be booked on a first come first serve basis. The website will be closed for bookings on Tuesday, May 5th at 12 noon.

*We recognize that many of our teachers and Student Support Team are connecting/conferencing daily or weekly with parents, so please do not feel obligated to book a conference time on the 6th. Parents wishing to change their conference times after the closing date should contact our school secretary, Barbara Potter at 780-998-7777.

Congratulations to Mrs. Wright for being one of the EICS nominees for the Edwin Parr First Year Teacher Award! Well-deserved!

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Great links below for learning at home; resources for parents

Subscribe to our School Youtube channel. Our Monday assembly will be ready at 7 am tomorrow here. Linked below

OLA Parish Connection

Check out OLA Catholic Parish Facebook page for upcoming events, including an online retreat for youth, ZOOM rosary and catch up, and Rosary for Our Lady at Skaro Shrine.

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Pope Francis encourages us to pray the rosary together this month

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This month is National Mental Health Awareness month. Thanks to everyone for showing your support with Hats on. Check out an awesome video from some of 2W students! The wisdom of kids!

Coping & Connection for Children & Families During COVID-19 links and resources below: Take care of you

EICS Resources: Linked below

Saint John XXIII School Council News

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Administration and PSC executive will be meeting again this Thursday, May 7th to wrap up this year and plan for our next school year. Stay tuned for information on how you can stay connected and involved.

LOOKING AHEAD...A week at a glance

Monday, May 4: Weekly Challenge: Show your mom some LOVE

Monday, May 4:

Monday "Virtual" Assembly-live on our school Youtube channel at 7 am. Will also be sent via your child/s teacher.

Remote learning classes continue-please make sure you are connected to your child's classroom

Tuesday, May 5:

Remote learning classes continue-please make sure you are connected to your child's classroom

Wednesday, May 6:

Parent-Teacher Conferences (9-11 am, 1-3 pm, 5-7 pm)

Remote learning classes continue

Thursday, May 7:

Remote learning classes continue

PSC Executive/Admin/teacher virtual meeting

Friday, May 8:

Remote learning classes continue

We want to continue sharing: Please send and share pictures from home that you are comfortable sharing in our weekly newsletters to Mrs. (just please make sure your child's name is not in the pic)

It's a Great Day to be a Saint John XXIII Kid!

EICS message from our Busdrivers

EICS Angels On Wheels
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