Italian vs American Pasta

by Melanie Fellows

The Change Overseas

Typical Italian cooking stresses the importance of fresh, high-quality ingredients above all else. The kinds of cuisine varies depending on where in Italy you are; it differs from the south, the central area, the north, vastly in each region. Central Italy has Roman influences on cuisine, and lamb is a popular delicacy. Southern Italy has lots of different kinds of pasta and utilizes seafood. Northern Italy, the richest region, uses a lot of butter and cream in their dishes and sauces.

As Italian immigrants moved to America, and they came into a new world with new, different ingredients at their disposal, they incorporated their food knowledge from Italy and their dishes from back home took on a new American spin. For instance, red, meaty sauces were not nearly as common in Italy, as meat was an expensive luxury. With more at their disposal and for cheaper in America, they started to integrate it into familiar dishes.