1860 the beging

"My name is bob i am a slave from Africa Im 11 years old and riped away form my family". They auctioned off to some somo looking fella and my brother too and hes 2. ever since that day i hoped and prayed that someday i wold meat mom and dad agian. Then one day me and my brother were ready to leave we packed up our stuff and ran and ran we herd voices saying get back hear and dogs we hoped onto the back of a truck and then we looked at the driver and relised that the driver was the person that got mom and dad from the auctioned off to. so we got off when it stoped and hid under the truck when he left we sale mom and dad we all hoped into the car and drove off north. and met up with mom and dad again.

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fredrick interview

today we will be asking some questions about fredrick and how hard his life was.

jake:so how hare was it for u to be a slave at that young of an age?

fredrick:it was vary hard and was vary lonely.

j:did u ever get to see you'er mom again?

f:yes i did when i ran away i met up with her.

j:thats all the questions we have for today..........

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harret becher stow

hi im harret becher stow an aposer of slavery and i have ben helping people escape to be so much 100% free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the thing so called slavery is rong because if u whore a slave u woldent like haveing to be owned and riped away frome ur fam now wold u.

if u think slavery is right then thare is something rong with u and if u still think its right then thare is something selvarly rong with u.

what wold u do if u got beat over the head with a wipe it wold heart u now wouldn't it if u cant see how wrong this is and i don't know what has even happened to this world its is not looking good for the slaves i hoped and dreamed that slavery was not a thing.

i was born in 1811 i was not born a slave i am wight and i did not know what slavery ment when i was little and i wanted when i grew up to stop slavery and tell people thats its rong i was hopeing that i wold save 1,000 of lives all arowned the world.

alright now u think about if u were a slave wold u like it well bye bye now.

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dear mum

i know every thing is going great but war is apon us.

the war has begun the union is fighting back with full force and we are forced to retreat, we have set up a new plan this time we split up and try'ed to hit the back hard but the are to smart 10 of my men are alive and i have ben shot in the arm we had lost 11,739 men,we sadly lost that day.

your son


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