Journal 7 - Advertising Techniques

Jenny Diesel 1AB

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What is going on?

Delfina and Nacho Figueras are two young people in love. They are about 25 years old, and already very wealthy. They live in a lush apartment in San Francisco, and met at a local coffee shop. They're always effortlessly beautiful. This picture was taken on their first wedding anniversary, spent on the romantic countryside. Nacho works at a legal firm, and Delfina is an artist. They often have parties with friends, usually at trendy clubs and restaurants. Delfina had always wanted to go horseback riding, and Nacho surprised her.

What is really going on?

This add is selling a feeling or idea with a fragrance. Ralph Lauren wants you to think that a man will give you a great romance if you buy and wear this perfume. The target audience is a woman looking for love, or who may be in a "boring" relationship with few surprises. The lifestyle projected is one of constant praise/love, leisure, and excitement.

What difference does it make?

Ads like these can give women and girls an unrealistic idea of love. I found this ad in Seventeen magazine, which targets female teens and young women. This objectifies the idea of love.

What difference can I make?

There is no way for me to avoid these messages of great love, because they're everywhere (even Disney movies for children!) The difference I can make is realizing the reality. Sure, love can be great and exciting, but we can't expect a man on a white horse to love us because we're wearing an expensive fragrance.