Onekawa School Newsletter

Week 9 Term 1, Friday 1 April


Kia ora Whanau

It was my absolute pleasure yesterday to announce our eight new house leaders for 2022.

The task of choosing only eight leaders was incredibly difficult as a number of students in Year 6 display wonderful leadership qualities.

Congratulations to Jettson, Chris, Meisha, Sophie, Joab, Finn, Petra and Eli who were selected.

Over the next two weeks teachers will be calling parents to discuss their child's progress in term one. If you have been unable to return a request slip, your child's teacher will try to contact you at some stage.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nga mihi,


congratulations to our 2022 house leaders

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Illegal Parking

We frequently hear reports of adults illegally parking on yellow lines outside the school.

Examples include:

  • Parking on yellow lines
  • Parking in the bus stop
  • Drop off and pick ups in the bus stop
  • Drop off and pick ups on yellow lines
  • Drop off and pick ups beside cars that are already parked
  • Parking in disabled spots

It is both illegal, and more importantly, UNSAFE for adults to park/drop off on yellow lines.

MOST adults park correctly, and we thank them for that.

For the adults who park illegally, the message is simple.... PLEASE STOP!!!!

If you have seen some concerning driver behaviour or actions you can report it by visiting:

Room 7 have been finding ways to repurpose recyclable materials!

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Finding a use to recycle plastic

Covid Updates

The following information provides a snapshot of the impact of Covid in our school community this week.

Our data is very similar to the previous two weeks of reporting:

  • 7 children have tested positive (3 became symptomatic at school and were sent home)

  • 4 more children have tested positive at home while isolating as household contacts

  • 30 other children are isolating as household contacts

We have a current roll of 310 so 5% of our children have tested positive for Covid this week.


Household contacts testing positive at different times

The Ministry of Health has provided further clarity on when household contacts should isolate.

For households where someone has COVID-19, the Ministry of Health recommends you apply the following guidance.
  • If someone becomes a confirmed COVID-19 case, then that case and all other people in their household must isolate for seven days.
  • If someone else in the household then tests positive for COVID-19 during those seven days:
    • the isolation period for that person only re-sets – that person must isolate for an additional seven days from the day they test positive or symptoms begin
    • other household contacts who do not test positive are still able to leave isolation after the original case has completed their seven days isolation.
  • For the next 10 days after a household completes seven days isolation, evidence shows that due to their exposure to COVID-19 they are less likely to catch or transmit the virus. This means:
    • if someone else in the household tests positive within those 10 days, the whole household will not have to re-isolate, only the positive case
    • if someone else in the household tests positive and it has been more than 10 days since the household completed isolation, household contacts should re-isolate along with the new case for seven days.
  • Any person who has had COVID-19 within the last 90 days/three months will not need to isolate as a household contact unless they become symptomatic and test positive again. This is because reinfection rates for people who have had COVID-19 are low for the three months after they have the virus.
Remember, Day 0 for isolation is the day symptoms began or the day the positive test was taken (whichever came first). You should then count your seven days from there.

Important Dates

Thursday 14 April Last Day of Term One

Monday 2 May Term Two Starts