Vietnam War

By Megan Hunt

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Backgorund of the War

This war took place from 1954-1973. The United States had joined forced with the Republic of South Vietnam at the time to help fight off the communist forces from the North Vietnamese Army. During this time, the US had the biggest foreign military presence and basically directed the war from 1965-1968. The war ended in April 1975 with communist victory. The Vietnam War was the longest in US history and was known as "the only war America ever lost." The U.S. suffered over 47,000 killed in action plus 11,000 noncombat deaths; over 150,000 were wounded and 10,000 missing. The war was very controversial and had divided America into two different sides. Those who wanted war were known as "Hawks," while those who didn't want war were called the "Doves."
Vietnam War protest in Washington

Bias By Spin Found in Media

This video was actual footage from a protest with 500,000 people in Washington during the Vietnam War. It is considered bias by spin because it shows only one interpretation of the whole story behind going to war in Vietnam. It mentions the president saying he would end the war only to end up getting more involved with it. The video only presents stories that have to do with the anti-war movement. There is no counterargument being giving from the other side of the argument. Also this event would be considered historical criticism because it has to do with a time in America's history when there was a war and many anti-war movements going on. It was a big deal at the time it was happening.
Vietnam war news (1969)

Bias By Omission Found in Media

This video has bias by omission because I leaves out one side of the argument. I talks bout South Vietnam's failed attempts at winning over their people during the war. It is bias by omission because it leaves out any information on the people who did side with South Vietnam and also because it doesn't describe why the people are making their choices. This video is also considered historical criticism because it also has to do with history.
Cheesy Vietnam Project


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