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Giant Travelling Map of Tennessee


Students in Tennessee can learn more about geography with one of the world’s largest maps of the state. The National Geographic Giant Traveling Map of Tennessee was given to the state by the National Geographic Society as an expression of the Society’s commitment to educating students about the world and empowering them to make a difference.

The brightly colored, smooth vinyl surface of the map accurately illustrates Tennessee’s rivers, lakes, mountains, cities, and capital. Designed for students in grades K-5 (although it can be used with Middle Grades) the map also comes with a trunk full of materials, including interactive games, geography and math adventures, and hands- and feet-on interactive lessons that teach students about the physical characteristics of the state as well as its rich history.
National Geographic Giant Maps

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The picture below shows how one Tennessee teacher set up materials before student use. The teacher pulled books about Tennessee (not included) and arranged the provided resources in clear bins (note the colored lanyards in each bin which align with the ‘base camp’ corners of the map). Each bin contains some of the materials needed for various lessons and activities.

The classroom-sized map, measuring 16 feet by 20 feet, allows students to explore by getting out of their seats and experiencing Tennessee through rich content and exciting activities.

I know you and your school/class will enjoy and learn from using this map. It’s an amazing tool and I’m grateful to Nat Geo and the Tennessee Geographic Alliance for this opportunity.

Email the Giant Map Coordinator, Charlotte Ellington, at c-ellington@comcast.net today to reserve a map for your school!

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Reserving, Use of Map, and Shipping

Reserving: The map can be reserved for up to two weeks, with the first Monday and last Friday as shipping dates. We prefer to ship the map to your home address as this has proven to be the most efficient. So, for example, if you reserved the map for one week, it would arrive at your home on a Monday, you would have it to use for that Tuesday-Thursday, and ship either to me or the next location/teacher on that Friday.

​Use of Map: The Lesson Plan-Handbook: Please read and look through this before teaching. It contains important information and all the lesson plans. Materials: All materials needed are included, a list is on the back of the Handbook. Important: NO SHOES and NO sharp objects (pens, pencils, scissors, etc.) are allowed on the map. Anyone who does put their “feet on the map” as it was designed for, must wear socks. If anything is damaged, please email Charlotte immediately.

Shipping: Please email Charlotte your home address (the map will be sent to your home). The average cost is about $25.00, You will be reimbursed the shipping costs once you submit a receipt with a form. Charlotte will coordinate with you regarding the process.

The map and all related materials will come in a box. Please save the box for shipping. If the box is too damaged, then please purchase another of about the same size and add that to your reimbursement form. I suggest using a rolling suitcase OR teacher cart to transport the map. It all weighs under 25 lbs. Return the map to 513 Eagle Cliff Drive, Flintstone, GA 30725 (or next location).

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