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generating electricity

people still use sails to move boats. some farms still use wind mills to pump water for livestock and to irrigate crops to create electricity people use wind turbines. most wind turbines look like giant fans. they can stand up to 200 feet (61 meters) tall. the steel or concrete towers are strong enough to hold up the rest of the turbine.


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Biology & Science Questions : Advantages & Disadvantages of Wind Power

why i think it is good for my community

it is good fit for the community because it dose not take up a hole lot of space

and it will never run out of wind its a little bit loud but i still think it is a good fit.

benefits and drawbacks

wherever the wind blows strong enough,people can harness wind energy

but many things must be considered before building a wind turbine. as with

any source of energy, wind power has benefits and drawbacks


wind is a clean source of energy. wind turbines do not give off pollution. fossil

fuels, like oil and coal, cause pollution when burned to make energy

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