European Culture

By: Whitney Clem

What is Culture?

Culture is learned and taught, often passed down through generations. Culture is social, shared, dynamic and constantly changing. Every culture is different from the next. Culture is something that everybody could learn about.

What Is Their Religion?

Well their religion is one specific one. Each group has a different religion. The religions that are showed is Christianity, Non-Believer/Agnostic, Atheist, Muslim. Each one having very different point of views, as well as practicing their faith differently.
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How are They Different Then We Are?

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The European's Food.

The Europeans drink more Wine then we do, as well as they drink stronger beer then we do to.

What Language Do They Speak?

Well they speak multiple languages. Most the people there can speak up to 4 different languages each.

Do They Have To Pay To Go To School?

No, they don't have to pay to go to school. They believe school is a honor, and a privilege to get to go to. The picture below is a picture of Oradea University, which is the top medicine school in Europe.
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