*Germany Uses Chlorine Gas to Kill*

Chlorine Gas

The rumors have been confirmed from our reporters stationed in Europe that the Germans did in fact use deadly gas as a weapon to kill allied forces. During the 2nd Battle of Ypres, the German forces fired canisters of Chlorine gas at the allied forces. Our forces were completely caught off guard. Although France used gas months before, it was not a killing gas. The french forces fired tear gas at the German army in order to quell an oncoming attack. Our military leaders think that it was because of this attack that Germans conducted extensive study on chemical warfare. After barraging the Brits with fire from the howitzers, the German army fired around 5,700 canisters, (168 tons of chlorine gas). This attack covered 4 miles worth of trench's with the chlorine gas. Because of this unexpected weapon, the British army sustained heavy losses. It is estimated that 20,000 soldiers were affected, half of which died within ten minutes of breathing in the gas. After the attack, Germans gained much land. So much land, that they didn't have enough soldiers to secure it, and it was soon won back by the Royal Army. One of our reporters managed to interview a soldier who was present during the attack. His name was John de Rosier. John was in his trench when the cloud of gas settled inside of it. He inhaled the gas, but he was able to escape before serious damage was done. He was interviewed while under care at a field hospital. "The battle was at a stalemate for the longest time" says Rosier. "Neither side could gain the advantage until they started firing the gas canisters. All you could see was a giant, rolling cloud of greenish-yellow gas wafting its way across no mans land into our trenches." *John was later released after more treatment was done on his lungs*

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