Dangerous Animals

Oscar Peña

the top most dangerous animals on earth

Mosquito-are well known carriers and transmitters of serious, often fatal diseases.More than two million die every year from the mosquito diseases.

Deathstalker Scorpion-live in the desert regions from North Africa to the Middle East. This type of scorpions are the 3rd most venomous worldwide and is responsible for 75% of deaths caused by scorpion sting each year.

Great White Shark-can be found in oceans around the world.This shark unprovoked and have killed more humans in water than any other species.There jaws are big enough that they can bite a human in half.

The country with the most dangerous animals is australia they have many animals that are dangerous in many ways.Brazil is the 2nd most dangerous country with the most dangerous animals.Dangerous animals escaped from a zoo in Georgia Tbilisi because of a flood.The animals that escaped were lions,bears,wolves,and a hippo and 3 people were killed in the zoo but, when the flood was happening some animals did die because of the water and winds.

There are much more dangerous animals around the world but,these are just some of the animals.All these animals are big or small and have different ways of defending or finding there own food.