Gas Chambers

Overview of holocaust

The holocaust was a tragic time for Jews, innocent children burned alive, gassed, separated. The leader of this time was a evil man that was jewish himself, Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a pity, selfish man that didn't care about Jewish religion

Definition / background information

The gas in the chambers would knock out the people instantly, everyone in the chambers would be killed in 20 minutes or less. When the holocaust, world war 2 came around about 1911-1979 people were captured and taken away from their families, put in concentration camps, they would be poorly fed scraps from the soldiers, the children begging for freedom, confused what they did wrong, never able to be happy again with their families.

Original research question

Why would people do that to innocent children, adults?

Hitler wanted a "perfect" union such as blue eyed ands blonde hair. Hitler was not perfect himself, he was brown eyed and dark brown hair, he had a terrible attitude he killed innocent people just to be "perfect".


" If you take a book of a 1,000pages on the second world war, in which 50 million people died, the concentration camps occupy two pages and the gas chambers ten or fifteen lines that's what one callas a detail." - Jean-Marie Le Pen


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Aushwitz Gas Chamber

This picture is a gas chamber in Aushwitz. Jews were forced into Gas chambers and gassed until fallen dead.
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