Space The Final Frontier

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

We Guarantee You The Experience Of A Lifetime

We can guarantee you the worst experience of a lifetime. How you may ask? We have proven to be the number 83939 space travel and tourism agency in this entire quadrant of space.

Our Details

Enterprise Space Travel

We are located at station 445 in the Galactic Federation Space Station



Our first stop will be to go to Earth's Moon where you will be fitted with specially designed spacesuits allowing you to walk on the moon without dying. We will also visit the moon city named Dawnguard. After that we will travel to a wormhole and possible through it if our readings show it to be stable to do this safely our spaceship has been fitted with strengthened hull plating. Finally we will travel to Pluto's two moons Charon and Nix, Charon was thought to be the same planet as Pluto until 1978.

Cost and Features

Prices Start At 50,000 Credits

Economy: 50,000 Credits

Premium Economy 60,000 Credits

Business: 75,000 Credits

First Class: 100,000 Credits


  • All of our classes have premium quality entertainment and dinning.
  • A viewing deck that is available for classes.
  • Premium seating and lounges.
  • A Hyper drive nuclear fusion core allowing us to get to our destinations in mind boggling time.

A Word From Our CEO

Adam Kahwati 7G