Camp David Peace Accords

the purpose

The purpose of the Camp David Peace Accords was to ease tensions in the Middle East, especially between Egypt and Israel, who had been in conflict for 30 years.


The Camp David Peace Accords was a peace agreement between the two countries, issued by U.S. president Jimmy Carter. In 1978, Carter had Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin come to the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland. After 13 days of meeting, the two leaders signed the agreement and peace prevailed between Israel and Egypt.

My Opinion

I think that overall Carter's plan worked well because the two leaders did make amends. The countries of Egypt and Israel have had no major conflicts with each other since the agreement, so it was effective. I think that it was fairly surprising, however, that this plan did work. To have 30 years of conflict repaired in 13 days was a unrealistic feat for Carter to perform. Nowadays, we would most likely send troops and make the conflict last much longer. The way that Carter successfully solved the conflict with peace and negotiations makes one question America's current foreign policies.