saftey In Automotive Design

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Automotive design saftey

When it comes to safety in a vehicle, most of the designers in the work place design a vehicle with the top of the line equipment. As automakers computerize cars and expand the list of standard safety features, the options may be overwhelming. "Most of these features are designed to help prevent or avoid an accident, but they can also help reduce the severity of one by slowing the vehicle before an impact," Camarano says (Proving Their Worth). Most modern day vehicle come with many of these features, But can this be said for "exotic" or "sport" vehicles? With this question in mind, the fact that a consumer of an exotic vehicle is willing to pay up to millions of dollars for a vehicle, are these cars created equally in safety? The hydraulic steering and four-wheel drive give superb maneuverability to a Lamborghini Aventador and that in itself is one of its active safety measures. In the event of a crash, the carbon fiber monocoque, supported with aluminum frames, give torsional stiffness and protection to the occupants. Additional protection is provided by an array of hand bags near the driver’s and front passenger’s seats.
An Aston Martin DB9 is equipped with most of the measure that ensures a safe yet speedy drive. The anti-lock brakes in the car can modulate brake pressure and will ensure that the tire does not stop rotating in extreme braking. The stability control moderates the power of the engine and monitors that the car does not crash when the driver loses control. Security system to prevent unwanted vehicle intrusion, pretensioners for seatbelts and side impact airbags are present (Safety measures in exotic cars).