new york morning news

12-12-1954 by angel segovia

A Murder in Greenwitch village

last night a women was brutally murder by her husband it was said that her body was

speared across the east river but a reliable source told us what went down.

anonymous - I say every thing from my window I was getting very worried for Mrs thorwald when she all of accident dissaperd from her house in the middle of the night and was not seen for a week then what made him more sketch was when the dog all of a acdent died

L.B Jefferies - I saw every thing it all started when there was a loud scream during the night and thorwald started to act suspicious when he started levying his apartment when it was raining at 12:00 in the morning and then i woke up i looked for Mrs thorwald and she was not to be seen any were then he was getting very suspicious when he started to pack up to get out of town then i was like we got to find evadentce so we can put him behind bars then thats when lisa snaked in his house the discoved he was being watched.


feminism today is not really a problem today as i see it because some or most women are independent today as of back in the 1950s it was saw as a big problem because women did not have the same rights as men