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@ Lincoln & The ELC - April 23-May 15, 2019 Newsletter

G & W Receipt Contest is Ending

The G & W Receipt Contest is over at the end of the day Tuesday. Each grade-level is competing against one another this time with the winning grade receiving a big-time movie party in the gym with popcorn and the works! Get those receipts turned in TODAY!!!
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Principal's Note

Check out that background! It was a sunset that Amy, Noah, and I took in at sunset a couple weeks ago from atop the mound. The trees were starting to bud out and the colors in the sky were beautiful. I had every intention of using it two weeks ago as I finished the April Newsletter...and then life got busy! Fast forward to Easter weekend and I figured I could still use it for a year-end newsletter to wrap things up. So here we are! Less than a month to go and I don't know where the time has went. We've had a fitness center unveiling, RiseNShine assemblies, Family Time implementation, state assessments, concerts, animal outreaches, and of course, a whole lot of learning going on every day. You have to sprinkle in our Gemini II Redesign efforts, Accreditation review, MTSS advancement, and it all leads to a group of teachers and students who are looking a little tired (throw in the principal as well). But there is no quit in this team we call Lincoln and the ELC. Just take a look at the calendar yet to come this year and you can see we have a lot still to do! It will be a blast making it all possible for our students. Giving them the experiences and helping them find success is what gives every staff member that motivation every day to make Lincoln and the ELC the place to be!

Tim Woodcock

Romans Teacher of the Month - Shaena Baker

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Mrs. Baker was named the Teacher of the Month for April. She is holding her daughter Abrielle and is surrounded by her class in the bed of her Chevy 4x4. Her students loaded into the back of the truck in record time and were so proud of their teacher. She has done a great job in the classroom and been a huge part of the district's redesign effort as our co-pilot for Lincoln and the ELC. Join me in congratulating Mrs. Baker.

April 23-May 15 Calendar

April 24

11:00 AM ELC Spring Cookout

April 25

6:00 PM Motor Madness @ ELC

April 26

8:15 AM Kindergarten Field Trip @ Independence

11:00 AM Lincoln Spring Cookout

April 29

8:00 FFA Barnyard Days K-4

April 30

9:00 AM 3rd Grade Hospital Visit

10:00 AM Brian Wendling Program @ Lincoln Gym

May 2

8:00 AM 4th Grade Field Trip to Bartlesville

6:00 PM 1st Grade Choir Concert @ Lincoln Gym

May 3

8:00 AM RiseNShine @ Lincoln Gym

8:15 AM Community Service Day

May 6

8:00 AM 3rd Grade Field Trip to Exploration Place

8:30 AM 6th Grade Field Trip to Wichita Zoo

May 7

8:00 AM 2nd Grade Field Trip to Derby Dinosaur

May 8

8:00 AM Special Olympics Track @ Erie

8:00 AM Career Day @ Lincoln

May 9

11:30 AM Ice Cream Sundaes @ ELC

6:00 PM Kindergarten Choir Concert @ Bateman Gym

May 10

7:30 AM 5th Grade Field Trip to Topeka Returning @ 4:30 PM

8:00 AM PK Field Trip to Tulsa Zoo

11:30 AM Ice Cream Sundaes @ Lincoln

May 13

8:00 AM 1st & 2nd Grade Awards Assembly

9:15 AM 3rd & 4th Grade Awards Assembly

1:00 PM 5th & 6th Grade Awards Assembly

2:30 PM ELC Awards Assembly @ Bateman

7:00 PM BOE Meeting

May 14

8:00 AM Field Day

1:30 PM Lincoln Talent Show

May 15

9:00 AM PK Celebration @ ELC


Students Shine @ Choir and Band Concerts

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Living Wax Museum Wows Us Again!

Counselor's Corner

It’s April and that means lots of different things are happening! Spring is here, rain showers are popping up, outside temperatures are rising, grass is greener and of course baseball has started! I’ve loved baseball all my life, it is my favorite sport by far. The game has everything a sport fan desires; mental toughness, physical strength, strategy and a history unlike any other sport. I also like baseball because the lessons learned in the game can be easily applied to life.

Some say baseball is the game of failure. A great batting average is considered anything over .300. That means the batter successfully hits a pitch, on average, 3 out of 10 times. You read that right, 3 OUT OF 10 TIMES! If we got a score on a test that was 3/10 I don’t know if we would be so happy with that, but in the game of baseball it’s different. One of the first things I try and teach my players is that if you mess up on the field, try to make it up next time you’re up to bat or vice versa. Don’t let one mistake define the outcome of the game. This is also what I tell my students on a daily basis. Don’t let a mistake define who you are, learn from it, move on and grow from it. Parents, remind your child that mistakes are just part of the game of life. What defines us is how we adjust and overcome from that mistake. Until next time…. BATTER UP!

Matt Fischer

Check out these students living with PATIENCE back in March!

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