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December 11, 2020

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Monday, December 14 - Mathcounts via Zoom (see below)

Monday, December 14 - Girls Basketball games

Thursday, December 17 - Girls Basketball games

In Kansas, it is likely over the next several months we’ll see forecasts that call for inclement weather. Blue Valley encourages students and families to be prepared by:

  • Bringing home district-provided devices daily
  • Reviewing 2020-21 inclement weather learning options
    • NEW! REMOTE LEARNING DAY: A remote learning day will be used when adverse weather conditions exist that make travel to and from school unsafe. The learning day will include check-ins with teachers and asynchronous work for all students, including VirtualED. Specific details about schedules for the day will be communicated by the school administration and teachers.
    • DELAYED START: Delayed starts will be used when temporary adverse weather conditions exist, including high winds, cold temperatures or unfavorable road conditions. A two-hour delayed start would allow in-person staff and students extra time to arrive at school. This option maximizes in-person instructional time with students. VirtualED students and students learning remotely in the hybrid model would also start two hours late. Specific details about schedules for the day will be communicated by school administration and teachers.
    • TRADITIONAL “SNOW DAY”: In extreme weather conditions, the district may still call an inclement weather day with no school for all students.

During this ever-changing pandemic, Blue Valley is prioritizing student learning on inclement weather days, whether that learning is in-person or remote. By prioritizing learning, the district avoids having to further extend the school year into June.

Families will continue to receive an email and text message when the school day is modified due to inclement weather. When possible, the announcement will be made the day before so families can plan. General information about inclement weather is available on the district’s website.


2020….am I right?! I hope everyone is staying safe and well! I wanted to reach out to let you know that automated calls for attendance have been shut off since going back to distance learning and I am manually going through to make those calls for undetermined absences.

We understand that things come up, and we are flexible in excusing these unique circumstances. Whether it’s technology troubles, appointments, vacations, illnesses, etc., we ask that you please reach out via email or phone call to let us know. Our number one priority is our students’ safety and well-being.

If you would like to check your student's absences, you can do so in ParentVue by logging in and clicking on the tab on the left-hand side marked “Attendance.” From there, you can see the classes missed and report an anticipated full-day absence. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to just input a half-day or just a certain time frame, so please call us to let us know of these.

I know with all the changes this year, it has been a huge adjustment for everyone involved and we are truly grateful for the patience and grace we have received in 2020 from you all! 😊

Have an absence to report? Contact me at snclifford@bluevalleyk12.org


You can leave me a voicemail on our attendance line at 913-624-2305

Thank you,

Sarah Clifford

Boys Basketball Starts January 4!

8th grade boys intermural basketball will begin January 4th. Below are several important items to know if your student would like to participate.

  • Our teams will be led by Head Coach Andy Pastine – apastine@bluevalleyk12.org.
  • Athletes competing with club teams will be able to participate in intermural basketball.
  • Intermurals are open to 8th Grade boys enrolled in In-Person and VirtualED learning.
  • Intermural teams will compete against intermural teams from other Blue Valley middle schools.
  • Intermural teams will be coached by Aubry Bend coaches.
  • After a few practices, coaches will assign players to teams based upon ability level.
  • Administrators, coaches, and athletic trainers will collaborate to establish and utilize procedures to mitigate risks.
    • Players and coaches will wear masks at all times.
    • All participants will complete daily COVID temperature screenings.
  • Students will need to arrange their own transportation to school for practices and home games. Transportation will be provided from a student’s home school for away games.


  1. If your student will participate in intermural boys basketball, please fill out this Boys Basketball Sign-Up form.
  2. Each student participating in intermural sports must submit a completed 2020 Intermural Pre-Participation Packet to the ABMS office. This packet includes a permission form, a COVID-19 questionnaire, and a transportation consent and release form. This packet must be on file at ABMS prior to participation in an intermural practice or game. Families are encouraged to submit these to the ABMS office at their earliest convenience.
  • If a student submitted a 2020 Intermural Pre-Participation Packet for cheerleading, cross country, or football, the student does not need to submit a second packet in order to participate in boys basketball.
  • Physicals are not required to be submitted for students to compete in intermurals.

Winter MAP Testing

ABMS families:

I wanted to make you aware that we will be administering Winter MAP tests year to measure the current instructional levels of our students.

Data obtained through this particular instance of MAP testing will measure student progress on specific standards and will provide us with information and insight that allow us to better support your student.

This year’s Winter testing window is January 25th to February 12th, as we want students to test with their 2nd semester teachers. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Ryan Colburn.

School Pictures

School pictures have not been forgotten or overlooked! Currently there are two dates reserved for student pictures in early January. As soon as the learning mode is determined for the month of January additional information will be communicated with details. This information will be for all Aubry Bend students, in-person and virtual.

Community Service Award

In the past, the district has focused on the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) as our recognition method for students who complete community service. However, the district has found an increasing number of problems with this national program over the past few years. The challenges have included, but are not limited to, the inability to contact customer service to troubleshoot problems, the delay in receiving certificates/awards from the organization (some schools are still waiting on awards earned last school year), and the increasing cost of the awards. Also, please note that the national program no longer recognizes the lifetime service award.

As a result, the district has changed the name of the program to the Blue Valley Volunteer Service Award. We will utilize the same basic standards as outlined by the President’s Volunteer Service Award, however, the certificates will come from the Blue Valley School District/ABMS.

Please click the links below to access an overview of the Blue Valley Volunteer Service Award, suggested volunteer activities, and the Volunteer Service Log.


Math Counts will meet on Monday, December 14 from 3:00-4:15 pm. We will be completing the school competition on this day. Please be prepared with scratch paper, pencils, and a calculator (this is optional as an on-screen calculator will be provided when appropriate – no TI-Inspires).

Use the following information to log in:


Meeting ID: 980 9023 5797


Community Service Project

THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to help our 3 ABMS families prepare for the winter and upcoming holidays. Please bring your items (UNWRAPPED) to Aubry Bend and left in a plastic tub outside of our main entrance (no entering the school building). This tub will be put out around 7:30am and put inside around 4pm. It will not be left out overnight. Deadline for drop offs or shipping is December 16th.

You may also shop online and ship items to Aubry Bend. If you choose this option, please address it to:

Aubry Bend Middle School

c/o: Kim Vail

12501 W 175 Street

Overland Park, KS 66221

**Please include gift receipts when possible, in case something doesn't fit and must be returned.

**Please label items as "teen girl #1" to make sorting and wrapping easier.

Deadline for drop offs or shipping is December 16th.

Please contact Kim Vail at KSVail@bluevalleyk12.org with any questions! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Big picture
Big picture

Community Resources

Johnson County Christmas Bureau will host their 2020 Holiday Shop with changes due to COVID-19. Apply Online Here

Harvesters Food Assistance


United Way 211

If you need help in the 23-county area covered by United Way of Greater Kansas City, you can get it from United Way 2-1-1. This free service provides access to thousands of resources. Call 2-1-1 and you will reach a trained, caring professional seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or click the link below. SEARCH UNITED WAY 2-1-1

Mission Community Food Pantry

Thursday, December 10 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church (5601 West 62nd Street, Mission, KS). More info...

YMCA of Greater Kansas City through CARES Act Funds will offer discounted childcare and virtual learning support for those who qualify. You can view eligibility and apply online here.

Johnson County Community College can help you get Training free, if your job has been affected by COIVD-19 cuts. More info... Flyer

Mercy and Truth Medical Missions is offering Free Flu Shots & Medical Visits through December 31 at Mercy and Truth Medical Mission KCK location. More info...

The Johnson County CARES Act Housing Assistance Fund an eviction prevention fund to assist Johnson County residents at risk of losing their housing during the COVID-19 crisis is now accepting applicants. The fund provides rent, mortgage and utility assistance to eligible households, with the goal of preventing the loss of housing and the resulting risk of increased spread of COVID-19. Click here to learn more and apply online.

Mental Health Resources

Accessing services at Johnson County Mental Health Center


Mental Health and COVID-19 Information and Resources

The mental health effects of COVID-19 are as essential to address, as are the physical health effects. https://mhanational.org/covid19

Johnson County COVID Relief Funds for Mental and Behavioral Health

Johnson County Mental Health Center is working to reduce barriers for individuals in need of mental health services. Any Johnson County resident who is a member of a group that is disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 such as uninsured, underinsured, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, elderly, disabled or involved in the criminal justice system is eligible.


· Invest in ABMS/PTO membership - Make your year-end tax donation! Any and all support is very much appreciated!! Log into ParentVue to donate.

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· "BE IN THE KNOW WITH ABMS PTO"- Be sure to follow us on FB (@AubryBendMSPTO) and twitter (@AbmsPto).

· SCHOOL DIRECTORY - Directories are ready for pick up! If yours does not come home with your kiddo, be sure to stop by the office to grab it. Thank you!

· HOLIDAY BAGS - THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to fill a bag! Please have them returned no later than December 14. Bags are still able to be dropped off at school during our remote learning period. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f44a9a723a4f58-abms

· PIE DROP - In lieu of our annual holiday cookie exchange this year, the PTO will be hosting a Pie Drop for the ABMS staff. Please consider signing up to donate a pie for our staff. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c44abac23aafc1-abms3

ABMS Library Webpage

This is just a reminder that our Library Webpage contains a wealth of information and resources for all ABMS students. It’s updated regularly with new resources, book recommendations via First Chapter Fridays and/or Book Trailers, and monthly Choice Boards. There’s also links to our social media pages. Pay attention to the TABS that lead to our online databases and other educational resources. If you haven’t been on lately, take a look!

ABMS Library Webpage

Curbside Checkout Continues!

We are offering curbside checkout service from the ABMS library. Our library web page provides information and a short video on how to place a hold for Curbside checkout. Axis 360 eBooks are also available to all ABMS students. Axis 360 eBooks

Book Returns-Help Needed!

Overdue notices were emailed to students before Thanksgiving break. Many of the overdues we are seeing are from last school year. If you could continue to look for any books that could be in your home it would be greatly appreciated! 6th grade students that have books from their previous school may return to the ABMS Library. We’ll send them on to the appropriate school. We’d LOVE to clear student accounts before the Winter Break! A Book Return cart has been placed in the main vestibule of the ABMS school entrance. Thanks to all the students that have already returned books!!!


ELA continued to work on the Newspaper Writing Project this week. After completing the research and note taking on their own topic, students then started writing their Newspaper article, paying attention to the author’s purpose for writing, intended audience, and bringing in cited evidence to validate their story.


Math started learning about the coordinate plane this week. We will continue to discuss and practice plotting points, calculating distance, and making reflections on the coordinate grid next week.


Science will continue to learn about the history of Earth through its layers and theories such as Continental Drift or Sea Floor Spreading.

Social Studies

SS has learned about 3 ancient Chinese philosophies for how to live life and rule a country. Ask them if they like Confucianism (respecting elders), Daoism (peaceful, knowing right from wrong, and individuals being expected to live accordingly), or Legalism ( strict laws and harsh punishments).

Social Studies

The students have had a good time with the Creating Your Own Country project! Their final map is due Monday December 14th. We cannot wait to see their creations!

Distance Learning Math

We are exploring one-step equations! There will be a quiz Thursday & Friday!

VirtualED Math

Students have been exploring one-step equations with rational numbers! We have a quiz on Monday!


We are learning about body systems! This past week, students learned the foundations of each body system. Next week, we will apply that knowledge to a variety of activities on our Wolverine H.B. Cafe Menu and choose a project option that requires us to examine how the systems work together! Students have already been provided with the project options and the rubric, so they know why the standards are important, and what is expected of them in the learning process to be successful on the final assessment!


Students have analyzed Scrooge's transformation as a character. They will now complete a two-part assessment that discusses their findings from A Christmas Carol and connects their own personalities to their learning. They will self-reflect about their own personality traits in an effort to engage in social emotional learning.


Algebra 1: Inequalities (simple & compound) quiz next week

Math 8: Slope-Intercept form of equations

Social Studies

Was American growth and change in the West justified? Students will take the information from primary sources that we have looked at over the last 2 weeks, to formulate an argument for this question.

I’m a little alarmed that it’s already December 11! I don’t know why the weeks tend to go by more quickly as I get older, but it feels like I turn around and an entire month has passed. Hmmm…I just reread that, and I sound like I’m 128 years old. Haha!

I don’t know if that was the right “lead” to my article this week, but I want to make sure no one is caught off guard by the calendar changes this year. In the past, our semester has always ended right before winter break, but this year is different. Because we started our school year in September, our semester formally ends on Friday, January 15.

I’m including a snapshot of those important dates here so that you and your family has the most accurate information in a timely manner. These dates and times are the same no matter the mode of learning on those days.

· Tuesday, December 22 – Last school day before winter break – full day of class (7:41-2:50)

· Monday, January 4 – First day of school after winter break – full day of class (7:41-2:50)

· Friday, January 15 – Half day of school – End of first quarter – (7:41-10:50) – more detailed schedule to come after the first of the year

· Monday, January 18 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No School

· Tuesday, January 19 – First day of 3rd quarter – full day of class (7:41-2:50)

Our office will be closed over the winter break and will close at 4:00 on Tuesday, December 22. The office will reopen January 4 at 7:30 a.m. If you need anything before break, please reach out to us.

Thank you for your continued support of ABMS! We value our community and want you to know that you can trust us.


Diana Tate, Principal