Хобби - Module Ten

March 27, понедельник - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

Что делать в понедельник?

We are right in the Middle of our online semester! Can you imagine! We have another nine weeks of the course left.

  • We are starting Module Ten Hobby today. This week you are going to learn some new words to name sports and activities in Russian. You will be able to say what sports and activities you like to do and and ask questions about activities.
  • Start with the new vocabulary, see below.

NCVPS DOES NOT have Spring Break :(

What this means for you?

You are still responsible for your work, I can not excuse you. I understand you may have plans and will be away from computer. You have several options:

  • You can do your work before Spring break (I will be opening weeks early)
  • You can work normally during your spring break.
  • You can catch up after the Spring break if you will be away.

Conversation sessions will run as scheduled during Spring break. It is your responsibility to inform coach about your spring break plans. If you do not attend regular sessions, you will be responsible to listen to the recordings of the missed ones and send a summary to your coach ans teacher. If you fail to do so I will have to give you 'zero".

I know some of you will be on the Spring break this or next week.

INFORM your coach and teacher about your Spring break plans.

New Vocabulary: Hobbies

Practice your new vocabulary with the following

Screencastomatic recording

You can also use the Quizlet below to learn new words. However, the Screencastomatic has all new words and phrases you need to learn this week.

Kudos to all students who attend their conversation sessions regularly! Last week the following students attended both conversation sessions:

Nicholas S., Bartosz, Ashton, Nikiel, Lukas, Jenna H., Timofey, Jack A., Elijah B., Daniel D., Lilla, Nathan, Nicholas G., Christian, Corrin, Conner, Jesse, Carter.

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Need to reach your teacher

Can you guess the building? In which Russian city it is located?