Aubrie Felton's

Best Technology Projects in 2015


This was one of my favorite things I've done in technology class, simply because it can really come in handy in the future and it was nice to think about your accomplishments and future.

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The Storybird Assignment

This assignment was great (definitely one of my favorites) because it allowed you to really run wild with your imagination. It was also very cool to be able to make your own story with pictures and everything. It was even better when we used Voicethread to be able to have it read out loud. Very cool!!!
StoryBird: The Lost Girl

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I thought this assignment was fun. I always wondered what type of website you could use to make clusters of words and now I Know. What I though was really interesting was that you could get your design printed on a t-shirt. That's valuable information i'll store away until someones birthday comes up or for Christmas.

Technology Class

This year has been great so far. I chose to stay in technology class all year because I thoroughly enjoyed it. We did fun assignments (most of the time) all year. I can honestly say I got to be opened to new experiences in this class and learn creative things you can do on the internet. I hope this class is here next year!
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This was a very simple assignment but I liked it because it gave you a story or a theme based mainly on pictures and if you wanted you could add a few words. I enjoyed it alot!

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Typing Web

While I hated this assignment I notice that I, now, can type better than I could before. It forced me to add in punctuation and capitalize while I typed. And I guess from doing that for hours a day, It stuck with me. I notice that when I proof read my work I don't have too fix to many things in that area, though my spelling is still somewhat awful.
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Toon Tastic Fairy Tale

This was an interesting app. It sort of reminded me of the sock puppet assignment we did. It was fun to try different things on there.

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