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Where you can visit, go for shooping and have fun!

About Oberhuber's Travel Agency

On Oberhuber's, you can have a good package of flight. Also we take care of your payments, and also that you and your group have the best safety system. Have a great flight to your destination, and have fun.

Oberextreme Grand Promotion

This promotion will have:

  • 7 days and 8 nights
  • New York City (Anywhere)
  • More safety system and more care to the payments
  • Perfect Hotel promotion
  • $2,316 per person
  • Available on June,July,and August

About New York City

Population: 8.406 millions

Location: North,East The 27th biggest state.

Climate: Humid Continental

Languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese

Currency: U.S. Dollars

Have FUN on New York!

Main Attractions: Times Square

Historical Sites: St. Patrick's Cathedral

Museums: Museum of the City of New York

Monuments: Statue of Liberty

Universities: Juilliard School

What to do on a day?

8-9 am-Eat Breakfast

10-12 pm-Visit Times Square

1-3 pm- Eat one of the famous restaurants

4-6 pm- Go to see a museum or have fun on that time

7-9 pm- Eat dinner




Oberhuber's Travel Agency

Eddie G. Oberhuber


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