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Job Description

Anesthesiologists administer drugs and anesthetics that help control or eliminate pain during and after surgery and other medical procedures. Before a surgery the anesthesiologist will meet with the patient to make sure that no allergies or other issues exist so the surgery can go off without a hitch. They will remain at the patients side during the procedure also so that they can monitor their vitals and make sure they don't wake up. Afterwards they determine when they are ready to move to a recovery area and possibly even home.


In order to become one you must get a Bachelors degree, in no specific major, then get accepted into med school and get an M.D. Finally you will need to have about 3-8 years of residency and internship.

Work Environment

Anesthesiologists work mostly in hospitals. During operations they may be required to stand for long periods of time. Work hours are normally very long and irregular because surgeries happen at all hours of the day, so they also work weekends and nights. As well as often being on call at all times meaning that they may, at any given time, have to drop everything and get to the hospital for an emergency.

Necessary Skills

Anesthesiologists must have many character traits to be successful in the job and communicate and cooperate well with others and a few of these are; communication skills, compassion, detail oriented, dexterity, leadership skills,organization skills, patience, physical stamina, and problem-solving skills.


The annual salary for this job is around $300-400k per year.
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