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By: Gus Longing

Featured Newsletter Of The Week

Dear Newspaper, my name is Jaquillis and I fully support the Plebeians because they are getting nothing and need to be a little less ignored. Meanwhile, the Patricians are just sitting on their huge pieces of land and watching their slaves! They own 3 houses when the Plebeians own 1 that is just an apartment that easily catches on fire. The Plebeians work while the Patricians lounge. Plebeian children don't get a choice and must follow their parent's career while Patrician children have their own slaves!! This is not right. Thank you for your time

Featured Newsletter Of The Week

Dear Newspaper, my name is Quandre and I would like to voice my opinion on Christianity. I think this is the religion for everyone and there is no problem with it. I mean, all these people are converting and some people are even DYING for it. This is the religion to be in if people are dying for it. It sure is something special. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Roman News

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VOTE!!!: Quantellis Jacorious for Senate

Do you want trustworthy, do you want someone whose kind and compassionate for your city? Well then vote Quantellis for Senate, he will be there for you in time of need, he'll bring down taxes and start Citizenship Awards. Yes, Citizenship Awards, anytime you are seen doing some small act of citizenship you will be given an award such as a free stack of cash. You can also be nominated by anyone who sees you. Thank you for your time and have a GREAT day!

Julius Caesar Obituary

100 BC- 1544 BC One of our greatest rulers was stabbed to death. He was the husband of Cornelia and son of Julius Caesar Sr and Aurelia. When Julius was 15 his dad died from a heart attack.Shortly after his father died he tried to side with the country's nobility. Sulla ordered Julius and Cornelia to be divorced and if he didn't he would lose his property. He didn't divorce her and escaped in the military. He served in Asia then in Cilicia. After Sulla died he returned home and began his career as a prosecuting advocate. As he traveled to Rhodes he was kidnapped by pirates for ransom. He convinced them to raise the ransom. A naval force was organized and they soon captured the pirates and they were executed. When he returned to Rome he worked under Pompey a former lieutenant under Sully. He then was elected as a base political office. Meanwhile, his wife died in 69 BC. Over the years Julius developed a serious rivalry with Pompey. They eventually went to war where Julius backed Pompey and his troops into a corner and killed him. Once the war was over Julius was made Dictator for life. He relieved debt and reformed the senate but he was assassinated.

Roman Accomplishment

One of Rome's major accomplishment is sidewalks. Newly invented sidewalks give people a chance to walk on a cement path that allows you not to get dirty and filthy walking on those dirt roads. Also one of our new inventions is cement. Cement allows us to make sidewalks to keep you off the dirt and keep your clothes and shoes clean.

Roman New Building Project

Rome develops a new building project, aqueducts, they are going to be used for conveying water. They will be in the form of a bridge. They will provide not only drinking water, but an indoor sewer system as well. They will supply bath houses with water where a lot of romans spend leisure time. The water system will run under the city. Hope this will be able to work out for us.

Pax Romana Emperor Interview

We sat down with Trajan to interview him about his life before emperor.

Reporter: So Trajan, tell me about your life before emperor and how it has changed.

Trajan: Well, my mom isn't much to talk about. Her name was Marcia and my father was a Senator of the legate of Syria. I became a military tribune in 71 AD at the age of 15. I was later given the title of Praetor in 85 AD. Around this time my cousin Hadrian became my ward.

Reporter: I see, now what was being elected Emperor like?

Trajan: Well, it took me by surprise really. I was elected in 98 AD and I'm still going strong. That was a great day that I got put to power.

Reporter: Thank you for your time and that is all.