week 7: le 5 - 9 octobre

NCVPS Français 2

Midterm exam

It's hard to believe we're almost halfway through the spring semester with NCVPS! That means the midterm exam isn't far away. OCTOBER 23 - the midterm exam and ALL assignments from Units 1-5 are due :)


Please be sure to remind your student to read the announcements daily. There are extra credit opportunities in the announcements! *ALL* first quarter assignments and the midterm exam are due by October 23. Students can resubmit work lower than a 70% to improve their scores. They just need to text me or message me!! :)

Hope you're enjoying the sunnier Fall weather! -- Mme Gaitskill

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns :)

One more reminder: RLCs

RLC = required live classrooms. Students are required to attend ONE "live" session online.There is ONE for unit 4 this week:

Georgiana Scrisu Tuesday 10/6 7 pm

What's due this week?

Semaine 7

Assignments are due by vendredi le 9 octobre

1. Le Corps Section 3 Quiz

2. Le Corps Unit Exam

3. Le Corps Listening Test

4. La Description Writing 1Bm

5. La Description Discussion 1C

6. La Description TPR 1D Quiz

7. La Description Speaking 1E

8. La Description Writing 1F

Contact your Teacher via text, BB IM or phone call.