Module C: Representation and Text

Conflicting Perspectives

Julius Caesar

The Focus of the Module

  • Examine and explore how different events, personalities or situations are represented in the text.
  • Make a judgement about what the composer has to say about the event, personality or situation.
  • Develop a personal opinion (and response) about how the composer's attitude has been represented.
  • Study a range of texts to develop an understanding of what representation is and how it works
  • Evaluate the means of production/text type and how it uses its language to represent different opinions
  • Consider the purpose and audience of each text and the relationship between this and text type.

Conflicting Perspectives - things to consider?

  • What differing and opposing perspectives (on any issue) are presented in the text?
  • How does the context of the people, event or situation involved affect the expression of the opinion, or our understanding of it.
  • Is there resolution to the conflict? Is resolution possible?

Issues we might encounter in Julius Caesar

Conflicts we may encounter in Julius Caesar