Come To Kansas!


Kansas Opportunities

You have the chance to farm on some of the most fertile you'll ever find. If you are over the age of 21 years, you can claim 160 acres of Kansas land. All you have to do is pay a filing fee of ten dollars. You then get the land for 5 years, if you have shown improvements to the land and have cultivated it, you get to keep the land. You have the choice of that, or just buying the land from the start.

Why Should YOU Come?

So, why should you come to Kansas in the first place? You should come because so many others have. In the past year, 15 to 20 thousand settlers have come to Kansas! This cheap land is going fast! In the last year alone, 20 thousand acres of land have been purchased. Come while you still have the chance to buy your share of land! If you buy land now, you will have land for your children, and your children's children, and it will keep going.

Where Can You Go?

If you want to live near others, you can go to Nicodemus. You can buy land around this community. Nicodemus in an all African American community, and you can be very successful there. There have been reports that say many people there have nice cabins and houses. People have also been able to own animals, such as pigs, sheep, milk cows, and horses.