Reconstruction: Success or Failure

I can evaluate the positives & negatives of Reconstruction.

EQ: Was Reconstruction a success or a failure?

The 10 years after the Civil War is known as the Reconstruction Era. Much of the South lay in ruins with a devastated economy while Radical Republicans and the President battled in Washington, DC over how to readmit Southern States. For many Southerners this was a difficult time, however Reconstruction also provided new opportunities for newly freed slaves, carpetbaggers, and others that had never been possible before.

Step 1:

Read about the person you are assigned. Complete the chart based on the person's point of view of that event.
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Putting it all together: Use adobe spark to tell us about your person, and answering the EQ with support.

Step 2: Tell "your" story

Create a story answering the EQ with support from your chart using Adobe Spark. Make sure it is from the point of view of your person you were assigned.


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