how to survive 6th grade

all the rights and wrongs

How to become a spartan

Welcome to HHMS your are probably wondering what class do I have well you should look at the paper you got that has all your class if not go to the office ask for your schedule.When ever a class is done you have about 5 minutes to get to your class.In total you have about 7 class a day.When ever you get here you have the opposition to join Band,Orchestra and vocals.In band you have the choice of brass or woodwinds.In vocals you have semester 1 and 2 you have computers in your second semester.

When does class start and end

{1.P} 8:00am and ends at 8:51am

{2.P}8:55am and ends at 9:49am

{3.P}9:56am and ends at 10:45am

{4.P}11:25am and ends at 12:05pm

{5.P}12:10pm and ends at 12:59pm

{6.P}1:05pm and ends at 1:53

{7.P}1:58pm and ends at 4:49pm

fun times

not all about work

Not every thing in 6th grade is just work after work.There is also fun things you will do such as a Olympics and indoor swimming pool.