Rock Cycle Poem

By: Tanay Sethia and Satya Suravaram


I am molten material,

deep below,

To people’s eyes,

soon I will show.

Rise through the cracks,

to the surface I will,

Cooling on the crust,


I become an Igneous Rock ,

formed the extrusive way,

rough and coarse,

but like this I will not stay


Time as an Igneous,

will not last,

For in a while,

nature attacks.

Weathering does its job,

taking my bits and pieces.

These chunks of me,

are now called Sediments,


Now it is time,

for Erosion to deliver,

moving my Sediments,

maybe using the Nile river.

It may be time,

for Deposition.

Depositing my sediments,

in a certain location.


Sediments and Seashells combine,

due to Compaction and Cementation,


for a long time,

like the friendship,

between close companions,

tight and strong,

lasting for very long.

We now have Sedimentary Rock.


I am a very old sedimentary now,

since many a generations have gone by,

with many generations of Sediment,

burying me in a pile.

The weight pushes me down,

close to my old home,

and here is where,

I transform even more.


The weight is Pressuring me,

pushing me towards the mantle,

and the Heat down there,

is very tough to handle,

Slowly enough ,

I flatten and compact more,

soon becoming Metamorphic Rock.


The heat from Earth’s interior,

will start Melting me,

and once again,

as molten material,

I can begin a new Rock Cycle!

Pictorial of Rock Cycle Processess

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