Singapore Botanic Gardens

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What is it?

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 156Years-old tropical garden at the fringe of the Singapore's mainshopping belt. It is one of the 3Gardens , and the only tropical garden , to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Botanic Gardens has been ranked Asia's Top park attraction since 2013 by TripAdvisor Traveller's choice Awards. It was declaud the Garden of the year. International Garden Tourism Awards in 2012, and received Michelin's thrice - star rating in 2008.

Where is it found?

The Botanic Gardens was found at its presentation 1859 by tge an agn - horticultral society.
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Is it a cultral or natural site?


Year of inscription

4 July 2015 at approximately 5:40pm
Singapore Botanic Gardens, HD Experience
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The Activity that you can to at Singapore Botanic Garden 1st

50SG Celebrations

As Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday in 2015, there are many exciting activities planned for you cultivated deeper appreciation for our green spaces and natural heritage and join us in making Singapore our garden.

The Activity that you can to at Singapore Botanic Garden 2nd


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