Stephan Hawking

By: Grant Falk

Brief Summary

Stephan Hawking is a world famous physicist who is known for his theories of world evolution and black wholes. He has written two renowned books about the Universe and the properties and rules that take place within itself. He also is an icon in the world of the physically disabled as he has a disease that completely paralyzes his body, leaving his brain unharmed.


University of Oxford (BA)

University of Cambridge (PhD)

Fun Facts

Born January 8th 1942 - age 73

Three children - Robert, Lucy, and Timothy

Married in 1965 then divorced in 1995

Married in 1995 and then divorced in 2006


Hawking is known for several contributions in the scientist community. He is most famously known for his theory on singularities. This theory states that when a black whole has become so dense, time stops and there is nothing in the universe. Then it explodes in an infinite explosion that creates the universe. This what he believes the Bing Bang was caused from, which is a black whole collapsing on itself creating a singularity. He also contributed to the theory of Hawking Radiation. This theory is based on the energy of the outside of a black whole and how it consumes the energy and light outside of the black whole.


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