English 9th Grade 1st Period

What to Expect!

First Day of High School

Hello! My name if Mr. Gonzalez. I will be your first period English teacher. This e-mail is to welcome you to my class before you even step in it; I am excited to be your first high school teacher and anxious to meet you next week. I hope that you are just as excited to start your high school career and that you bring your best energies so that we can make of this a great school year!

Please be Prepared!

My number one rule in the school is to be prepared. I anticipate that you will come prepared to learn even on the first day. Therefore, I am asking for you to bring the tools necessary to learn; i.e., notebook, binder paper, pen and pencil, and a positive attitude. Part of being prepared is being on time. If when you get to school, you feel a little lost, ask a someone to direct you to the right classroom. I will also be e-mailing you a map of the campus.

Guarenteed to Learn

Course Goals and Content

  • Make arguments about texts using supporting evidence
  • Analyze characters in literature
  • Use persuasive skills in your writing and presentations
  • Use primary and secondary sources to validate your arguments

This class requires reading, writing, analyzing, and performing. In order to ease these activities, we will be reading four books in different genres:

· Quarter 1: The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez (Non-fiction)

· Quarter 2: The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (Fiction)

· Quarter 3: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (Theater Play/Film)

· Quarter 4: Animal Farm by George Orwell (Fiction/Film)

· Ongoing: Throughout the year, shorter texts will be assigned including but not limited to song lyrics, poetry, news articles, and speech texts

We are the class of 2019!!!

Be Humble yet Proud. Be hardworking, yet seem relaxed. Keep your feet in the mud, but your head in the clouds. Don't be afraid to reach the stars.