GCIS Weekly News 12/9/2016

Weekly Celebrations, Successes, and Up Coming Events!

We're not here to be average; We're here to be AWESOME!

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Awesome Students of the Week!

Here is a photo of our awesome students of the week! These students have worked hard demonstrating safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors throughout the week! Keep Being Awesome!
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Vocal Trash Highlights

Our staff and students had a blast rocking out with Vocal Trash! It was amazing to have them in Greene County to share not only with our students but also with our community. It was fun to hear their inspiring story and fun to hear from various students ideas they have to pursue their passions! If you have any pictures from the afternoon or evening performance please share them with us!
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GCIS Office News

Attention all GCIS Parents,

I wanted to open up to anyone that has time on Monday December 12th from 6:30-7:30 to join us at the Administration building in Jefferson for our Fall parent advisory. I have asked Mr. Christensen to join us to share and talk about the 5th-8th grade transition for next year. Look forward to having you join us and share your thoughts and ask questions! Please notify the office if you are planning to attend! Look forward to partnering with you.

-Mrs. Van Cleave

Principal Shoutout!

Snow is on it's way! I wanted to share a few sites that are fun to explore that are loaded with fun facts about snow and winter! Enjoy these great sites with your child! Great for the long car ride if you are traveling over break!

4th Grade Happenings!

Reading- This week we continued our read aloud, Hatchet, we have been very busy using our summary writing skills to write summaries about each chapter as we read. We also introduced the elements of writing a good non-fiction summary and have been able to practice this skill through different articles and books.

We are looking forward to learning how to write a catchy introduction to capture the reader’s attention next week. Summaries and introductions are skills that will be important when we write our book reviews for the public library. We will keep adding skills each week until we have finally covered all the pieces necessary to create a great book review!

Don’t forget to remind your child to read at home as much as possible! Having your child read aloud to you is an easy way to practice fluency. Our goal is to read at least 20 minutes each night.

Also, next Friday (12-16-16) we will be going to nursing homes in Jefferson to sing a few holiday songs. Afterwards we will end up at the elementary school and will read winter/holiday books to the kindergarten classes! Students are encouraged to bring winter/holiday books from home to read to kindergarten students (please make sure names are written in the books).

Science - In science we are moving onto our next unit about plants and animals. Students will create arguments backed up by evidence to show how they understand plants and animals have internal and external structures that support growth, behavior, survival, and reproduction.

Math- Right now we are still working on multiplication facts, factors and multiples. We are spending a bit longer on this as some of us are still really struggling with our multiplication facts (which is very important to be successful at finding factors and multiples). Please practice multiplication facts with your child at home. Just five minutes every night would be very beneficial. We appreciate your support at home so much!

Fourth Grade Fun at Vocal Trash!

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5th Grade Happenings!

ELA/SS- We continue to work on identifying main ideas and supporting details through our Native American informational passages. Our kids are getting stronger with using this skill, and learning interesting information about Native Americans that came to the United States. In Written Language, the kids are writing a letter to an author of a book that they have read, or are reading at the present time. We will actually mail these out, as they continue to polish the final typed letters. The kids are excited to see how many of their authors will respond back! *Remember to continue reading 20 minutes a night on those great reads:)

Science: We have been finishing mammals this week and reviewing for our TEST next Tuesday. Please study your notes over the weekend. We will be reviewing more next Monday in class too.

Math:We are still working with division. One and two digit divisors. And also talking about what the remainder means.

6th Grade Happenings!

In science, we are exploring matter, mass, weight, and volume. We are also learning about properties of matter and how matter changes.

In math, we have started our first project. It involves fantasy football and the math concepts of whole numbers, decimal numbers, and negative numbers.

In literacy/social studies, we are working hard on our slam poems. We just wrapped up theme and we will be starting central idea. We encourage you to talk with your child about the different cultures we saw in the movie McFarland USA.

Music News!

Congratulations on a 5th and 6th concert well done on Monday evening!!! Thank you parents for your wonderful support of our children! Music enhances their lives in so many aspects of their world.

4th General Music

We have such progress happening in the 4th grade recorder classes! An entire class has completed their first level of Recorder Karate! Keep up the great work everyone!

I am sending one last letter if you would like to order a recorder for you child and missed the first order. The students will play these on their Spring Concert in April.

It was so exciting to see my 6th Grade students pick up a school recorder and begin to play. The 4th Graders brought back some fond memories! :)

Physical Education

This week in PE, we worked on some spacial awareness activities. Also, exercising with the large stability balls. If your son/daughter comes home with a note about participating in the Elks Free Throw contest, they expressed interested for this. I will give the promoter the names so when you show up they will have it.

Special Education News

4th grade students are learning about prepositions and learning to find them in sentences. They are creating their own sentences with certain prepositions and then checking their work. In, math, they are learning about factors and how to find them. A fun game they are playing is called Factor Captor where they can try to beat a partner.

5th grade math students have been working on long division. This is very challenging! Knowing their multiplication facts is crucial. I have made flashcards for students to practice at home. Be looking for them.

Band Business!

Big congratulations to the 5th and 6th grade bands for their excellent concert Monday night. Well done everyone, and thank you. This will also be my last newsletter post until after my surgery.

Counseling News

In the spirit of the Season I would like to focus on GIVING. There are so many ways to give of ourselves that costs nothing and makes everyone feel great. I am borrowing part of a blog by Carrie Contey, PhD. (internationally recognized coach, author, speaker and educator who specializes in human development, parenting and family life).

Teaching Your Child the Spirit of Giving…
By Carrie Contey

As parents, we all want our children to grow up healthy and successful. We also want our children to be grateful for what they have been given and have compassion for those who are in need. Teaching your children the spirit of giving, showing them the importance of thinking of others, and modeling kindness are important ways to help children grow into productive and loving members of our world.
Here are easy ways to teach your child to give all year long.

Giving doesn’t require that you travel to a special destination. Showing your child how to give can be as easy as being a good neighbor.
Shovel their driveway/walks when you know they are out of town.

Help elderly neighbors by doing small chores for them.

Military personnel may be away from home helping others--help their families by shoveling their driveway.

Bring in your neighbor's’ trash cans while they are away at work.

Bring a casserole or fruit bowl to a neighbor who might appreciate it, or reach out to someone who lives alone.

Pay it forward. Small acts of kindness can help someone who is having a bad day see the good in the world and help us feel positive about ourselves.
Help pick up something for someone who accidentally drops it.

Drive by the coveted parking space at the front of the store, and let someone who might appreciate it park there.

Offer to bag your own groceries when the cashier is working alone.

Volunteer. Teach your child how to give by giving something priceless—time and energy.

Volunteer to help in your child’s classroom or to chaperone a school field trip.

Bring the whole family to your church or spiritual center for service and cleanup days.

Help deliver Meals-on-Wheels to community members.

Donate. Giving away unused and gently used items is a great no-cost way to show your child how to help someone in need. In addition, helping to meet life-saving needs will show your child that we are all important and connected.
Donate clothing that no longer fits your child to local organizations or clothing banks. Drop boxes are now available in many convenient locations, such as grocery store parking lots and along town roads. Give old blankets to your local pet shelter. Donate unopened pet supplies, such as pet food, cat litter, training pads, and other necessary pet items.

Send your child to school with an extra set of some school supplies to share.

Give blood.

Give. You don’t have to give much, but monetary donations are always needed. Give when and if you can.

As a family, pick a cause or charity to which you are interested in giving. Give your child a three-part piggy bank—one section for saving, one for spending, and one for donating.

Let your child decide to which charity or cause they would like to donate money to.

In lieu of a gift, give to the favorite charity of a person close to you or in memory of someone special. Organize a bake sale or lemonade stand with your kids and give your proceeds to a charity.

Nurse News!

It’s the time of the year for colds and flu bugs to spread from one person to another. The number one way to prevent the spread of infections is washing your hands. Please remind your students to wash their hands often. I have attached a video from the CDC to view on the proper technique of washing. Hand Hygiene Another way to protect ourselves and those around us is to get the influenza vaccine. This is National Influenza Vaccination Week. If you or your child has not been vaccinated please get your vaccination.

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