The History of the Periodic table

By Nick Sharman

How were elements created?

All the elements expolded into every part of the universe in a big bang.

General Information

The periodic table is like a puzzle. The elements that appear at the edge of the periodic table are easily found. They are like the corner pieces and are easily put together. Elements that don't like to react with each other are easily found unlike the ones that react with each other which are a lot harder to pinpoint. In the late 1600's a German alchemist was trying to extract gold from urine when he by accident discovered phosphorus. this was the first time anyone had discovered and element.

Dmitri Mendeleev

Many Alchemist's before Mendeleev had tried to put the elements into order in ways such as weight, reactions and general classification, but Mendeleev was the first one to succeed. He created cards of each known element and ordered them based on their atomic weight and their know properties. he stayed up for 3 days and nights trying to order these. he finally fell asleep and dreamed of the periodic table. He didn't only create the table but also could predict elements that hadn't yet been discovered.

The Periodic table design

The periodic table was designed in a way that it can tell you a lot about an element. The groups (columns) tell you how many electrons it has in the outer shell and the periods (rows) tell you how many shells it has. This is very handy.


My Brain elements book.had pictures already.