ESC-20 Parent Perusals

September 28, 2020

ESC-20's FREE Parent Trainings via Webinar are in full swing! Check out the October offerings below & make plans to participate!

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Tips and Resources


In this video, I provide a brief overview of what remote instruction might look like for your child, given the methods of instruction, Synchronous vs. Asynchronous. It is not only important to understand what these terms mean, but also what they might look like for your child, given your specific circumstances, and most of all knowing that this fall’s instruction does not look like the spring’s instructional support. Click here to view this video.

Para ver este video sobre la instrucción sincrónica y asincrónica, oprima aquí.


Creating an effective at-home learning environment for my kids has been quite a task, but with some sound advice and tweaking, I can honestly say we just about have the virtual learning down. In this video, I share some information that is useful for parents to consider when setting up a successful remote learning experience for their children. Click here to view this video.

Para ver este video de como establecer un ambiente de aprendizaje en casa, oprima aquí.


Dr. Karen Mapp defines Family Engagement as, “The various ways that a child’s adult caretaker (biological parents, foster parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.), at home, school or in the community, effectively support children’s learning and healthy development.” What does various ways mean to you? Learn more about where to find support and additional resources. Click here to view this video.

Para ver este video sobre recursos y apoyos adicionales, oprima aquí.

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