Monument 14

Monument 14, Sky on Fire, Savage Drift

Emmy Laybourne

Emmy Laybourne wrote the amazing trilogy of the book Monument 14. She is an author, a former character actress, a public speaker, and a screenwriter. Emmy has written four books total. The Monument 14 trilogy, and she also wrote another book called Sweet.

Monument 14

Monument 14 is an exciting story that will always keep you wanting to read more. It's about 14 kids who get stuck in a superstore because there was a big hail storm while they were on their way to school. Laybourne takes you through the story wondering the whole time what will happen next. The book is very adventurous, and it even has a love story in it. In the end they are forced to make a big decision that makes you have to read the second book because you need to find out what happens next.

Sky on Fire

In the second book to the Monument 14 trilogy Laybourne writes the book a little differently. She writes it from two different points of view. By doing this she adds more details to what the character is thinking or doing. This book is all about adventure and fighting for what you love. Laybourne does a really good job of mixing both of those characteristics to make the story really interesting. In the end of this story the kids are faced with another decision they need to make if they want be reunited. This makes you wanting to read more.

Savage Drift

The third book of the trilogy Monument 14 is written in the same format as the second book to this trilogy. She gives many details on how the two characters have to live during this world tragedy that happened. The whole time the book will make you want to keep reading. At the end of the book she really ties everything together. She makes everything connect together perfectly. The ending to her trilogy was perfect and wouldn't have been written better in any other way.

I highly recommend you read this trilogy!!