By: Lauren Armstrong

What is Trick Riding?

Trick riding is the act of performing stunts, or cool tricks, while riding a horse. An example of trick riding is the rider standing up on the upright side on a galloping horse.


Fun Fact

Trick riding wasn't just for entertainment... it was once used as a weapon for the Russian Cossacks, who adopted from the people of Cauasus and called it "dzhigitovka." (The picture is just a picture of trick riding, it doesn't have much to do with "dzhigitovka".)

The "Death Drag"

The death drag is a type of trick you can do while trick riding. The death drag is when you hang off the side of the horse, while attached to a strap.

The "Roman Rider"

The roman rider is another trick that trick riders do. In Roman riding, the rider stands atop a pair of horses, with one foot on each horse.