2nd Floor Mechanical Room- amount of storage MUST be reduced

New Fire Inspector-New Expectations...


We had a meeting with Chris Kuonen, Maintenance Lead and Tye Hindsley, Grounds Lead upstairs in the 2nd floor mechanical room to discuss what is being stored in that space. They have informed us that there is a new fire inspector with ZFD who will be returning to re-inspect some identified concerns. The number of items being stored in the mechanical room is "of concern” and if concerns are not corrected before the fire inspector’s return, they become a formal violation for ZCS/SGE.

Chris spoke to us about moving some of the furniture that you don’t “want” now and told us we can’t keep it stored in the space it presently occupies. We have been directed to remove/reduce the storage in our 2nd floor mechanical room. Below are pictures of items that are individual teacher’s. Please know, we are aware, you were given permission originally to store these items in this room. This change has happened since you were given the permission originally-at the time this decision was the right one. However, since this area is now “a concern”, we don’t want it to become a formal violation. We will be moving the decorations to the records room and a closet across from Martha's Office.Chris and Tye anticipate reducing the number of chairs (some are badly broken) and old teacher desk parts.

We need your personal items removed from the mechanical room by the end of the day Friday, November 30th (this Friday).

Thank you very much for working with us as we all work through this change.


We were asked to have all personal items out of the mechanical room by Friday, November 30th. We don't know maintenance's exact timeline. However we think these items could be thrown away or moved elsewhere if we don't remove them by the end of the day Friday.

  • If you need assistance moving your item(s), we can submit a work order to request maintenance to come and help. Please talk to Martha.
  • If you want to remove your item from the building, but can't do it until over the weekend, please move it to your room before Friday afternoon. Then you can retrieve from your classroom over the weekend.