Teacher Spotlight: Global Play

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teams

Global Day of Play

The Spotlight is shining on Kindergarten and First Grade teachers at the elementary school this week for fostering the Global Outcome of Creativity.

Wednesday, Feb 6th, was the "Global Day of Play". Global Play Day is a grassroots effort by educators to bring awareness to the benefits of unstructured play around the World. Teachers and students in Kindergarten and First Grades participated in the Global Play Day by fostering unstructured play for students.

Global Play Day was inspired by a TEDx lecture by Peter Gray, a psychology professor and researcher at Boston College who studies play and documents the decline of childhood play over the decades and the consequences.


The Decline of Play: Peter Gray

His research supports unstructured play because it improves social emotional intelligence. In addition, the freedom of play promotes self-discovery and creativity. Global Outcomes of conflict resolution and problem solving are also prevalent through play. Teachers who participated in Global Play day reflect that through observation of students, they noticed a high level of compassion for one another as students built empathy and sought understanding for one another.

Our Team

Teachers participating in Global Day of Play 2019 included:

  • Aubrey Doran (1st Grade)
  • Stephanie Hart (1st Grade)
  • Anne Leija (1st Grade)
  • Gayla Sullivan (1st Grade)
  • Crystal Pulak (Kindergarten)
  • Lauren Holak (Kindergarten)
  • Taylor Bodin (Kindergarten)
  • Keri Vik (Kindergarten)

Thank you for providing this global outcome experience for our students!